Your Deserve Success: Use these 5 tips to gain your views on your Blog


You Need a schedule

Every person in the world needs a schedule. As a blogger you need to make time for editing, posting, blogging, promoting and interacting with people who take your advice. Sounds like a lot right?. In order to accomplish all these tasks, you need a monthly schedule.

But more so you need this schedule so that you don’t enter into a writer’s  block, all of us have been there nobody likes it trust me.  Plus as editorial schedule would not only increase your efficiency but also helps you avoid mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes Read our article on 7 Terrible Blogging mistakes you should avoid.

 Avoid these 7 terrible blogging mistakes

Create the best looking page layout and keep updating it

This is easier said than done, you need a layout which is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time gives the reader the best experience and ease of use.

Have the best visual content (have pretty pictures)

In the world of blogging, all books are judged by their covers. So you need to take the help of visual content not to only enhance the look and feel but to also supplement your work.

If you are having trouble finding reusable free pictures for your blog check out this  list of website that let you download images for free

10 best websites to download free images

Collect visitors data

Hopefully 2017 is the year when your blog enters the big league, but in order to get there you need to have access to the people who visit your blog.

Ask them to leave their information such as name and email ID, stay in touch with them and offer them new updates. The best part is once you have enough visitors data you can conduct your own surveys to make your blog better instead of relying on outside advice, except ours we are good people.  In order to collect visitor data read this article on plugins you need to increase subscribers i.e collect visitors data

Best plugins to massively increase subscribers for your website 

Use Attention Grabbing Titles

The title of your blog should stand out, let’s face it your readers are going to encounter your blog post in a list form on search engines or on social media. The only way your post will get that well-deserved click is if you captivate them. So put a little more thought into your titles

Blogging like all forms of writing is an art. This art form is seen by many, read by even more but appreciated by a few and if you are trying to start a blog of  your own click here  to start from free.

 top websites to create blog for free 


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