Being relatively new to wordpress you can get absolutely confused between wordpress.org and wordpress.com and if it is so then nothing to worry as you are among those innumerable ones who are fixed at a place trying to find a way out.

Till now you would be clear that wordpress is a free software which you can download for free and then you can create your website for a nominal amount with loads of themes and plugins so as to give an absolutely wonderful experience.

WordPress can be downloaded for free at wordpress.org . After that you need to host your website from a hosting site which ensures the installation and further ensuring that it is up to date.

Once the wordpress site is installed you have the entire freedom of the types of plugins you need to install and the underlying themes general or premium you want.For having a better understanding of the themes please refer the link mentioned below.You can take a complete control over your website by changing the CSS and HTML and having a completely innovative website.


WordPress.com on other hand is the free hosted version which allows you to build you website once you sign in giving you the full backup support required.After signing in you can choose the name and select certain themes so as to decide the look and the feel of your website.You need to ensure at this point that you cannot have the premium themes installed.

You can have certain specified changes from the third party hosting to self hosting with video hosting , space upgradations and so on.All In all certain  personalized changes can make it a much better website. This is especially a boon for the beginners who have a complete battery of back-up support if they get fixed up in a tricky situation while creating the website or a later stage  whatsoever.

As far as the differentiation is concerned we need to do it under the 5 main heads namely


As far as the last two namely customization and the monetization are concerned they are the main pillars of support for the first three namely the Domain name,Designing, storage space respectively.

Let us go into the further details and let’s see how it goes about.


As far as the wordpress.com is concerned you get a sub domain namely your name.com and if you have to buy something unique you need to pay anything between $8-$15 per year and enjoy the personal preference. On the other hand with the buying of the self hosting option you can get a complimentary domain name registration.So whenever you have the Domain name consideration wordpress.org offers more freedom and compatibility. Go for the most best and the most valued partner.


As far as the designing goes with wordpress.com you have certain pre-allocated themes which you have to choose from; gimmick here is that the scope is limited and if you step out you need to pay and then you cannot touch the CSS meaning the customization with CSS is strictly not allowed.

WordPress.org offers a wide canvas of themes to choose from and you can run your imagination to the point of SKY’S THE LIMIT mode and with unlimited plugins and themes something wonderful can come into existence.

You have to keep in mind that with wordpress.org you cannot have third party plugins and therefore the scope accompanied with outcome is very restricted.Herein the apathy of worpress.com users is clearly visible.

For designing the vote definitely goes to wordpress.org.


With worpress.com you have a free space of  3 GB and further extension of 100 GB space comes with 140- 160 $ price tag which is quite expensive.

WordPress.Org comes with a hosting company which you have to search  ranging anything between 3- 4.95 $ per month with free domain  and unlimited space.

There are lot of  loop holes and to have to be very careful with the various costing interval wordpress.com offers so as to increase your storage space. This can run your website to whopping high level and you will be badly stuck in that jargon.


With the third party  PLUGINS not  allowed the wordpress.com offers just a handful of themes you are totally stuck and you do not know what innovative you can do and show and that is the problem of having wordpress.com . Customization with CSS is strictly not allowed .With third party plugins not being allowed your creativity gets just stuck at one place and you keep on thinking the wider canvas of how conscientiously the plugins give life to your website and how you are put into a fix by not being allowed to use.

WordPress.org there are trillions of themes, plugins, add ons to choose from and there you have the feeling of having wings and flying sky high  and reaching  a point where you have nothing to lose as your website has been fantastically designed and it  is incompatible as it  unique.


When we plan a website the ultimate aim is MONETIZATION but with WordPress.Com you cannot run your own ads and the tyranny is that WordPress.Com can run the ads on your site and you are a silent spectator. You hold no chance of earning money and you have not further chances of monetization. An ad-free upgrade of 30$ per year is allowed though.

WordPress.org gives you wings and with that you can earn lots and lots money. You can run banner ads of anytype and you can plan of affiliate links

  1. https://plus.google.com/share?url=http://www.gentledummies.com/things-to-keep-in-mind-before-joining-an-affiliate-program/

Read this article which gives you complete information of the Things to be kept in mind before joining an affiliate program and then get associated with it and Monetize your blog.


wordpress website design

Now if you consider the cost effectiveness of WordPress.org  VS WordPress.Com you can clearly see that  even if wordpress.com says everything is free it is just a eyewash; knowing that at every step if you exceed the limit there are more indirect costs and they add up to giving more in form of hosting and the above average themes.Till the time you are just going the listed path you are fine or else you end up paying more with WordPress.Com.

As far as WordPress.Org is concerned once you buy a plan for hosting from a good hosting company you have the leverage of free domain name, unlimited hosting space and you are ensured a total peace of mind without any hidden or indirect cost.


If you are still confused then you need to go over once again at the 5 point agenda and take the correct decision. As far as my personal preference is concerned then it has to be WordPress.Org wherein you are a leader in your own self and you have controlling power of your website having total maneuvering with the HTML and CSS which gives you a edge and helps you to come forward with a fantastic website having wonderful themes and innumerable plugins so as to create a outstanding website.New to the field then take a safe route with WordPress.Com and be actively monitored at all times.

         HAPPY BLOGGING !!!!!


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