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If you consume content online, you would know the feeling when you are reading an awesome article and you encounter a silly mistake. It can spoil the fun right? Now imagine being that blogger or author. It’s not a good feeling we know. Remember being a gentle dummy can mean you probably don’t have the resources to master English on your own. So here are a few free tools and website which might help.

er. So check them out click here.


Now grammarly is not your everyday chrome addon . This free addon is great. It helps you eliminate those silly grammar mistakes, highlighting them with a very prominent red mark and also providing countless options.  Even Forbes had good things to say about grammarly. Depending upon how much help you need writing your blogs or articles, you can choose the free version or their paid version which has  a lot more to offer. So check them out click here.

Confusing Words

Now all of us have had those moments when we just can’t think of the right thing to write(see what i did there with right and write).   Confusing words is the place if you want to clear out your doubts about what to say or write. It also offers you many exercises which help you learn and retain more. It also provides you with a list of many more free tools ranging from my English trainers to polite English.

Ginger Software

Now this is an all purpose grammar  tool which gives you help with everything under the sun. From subjective verb agreement, consecutive nouns to misused words. You have the option of going to their website.  or download the tool  and save it on your computer.

Daily Grammar

If you want to improve your grammar and English skill but don’t want to spend a fortune. Try daily grammar. They have a blog section, where they post exercises daily that enable you to improve  for free. Sign up and get a new lesson each day. Here is their link.

Spell check

This would sound familiar to you if you have ever used microsoft word. If you want to re check your work, just post your content in the box and hit enter it’s that simple.

Click here

We hope these tools help your content shine brighter than a thousand suns. Sorry, might have got carried away there. But if you still feel lost click here to read how to gain more views on your blog.


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