Warning check these 5 things before buying Hosting


Businesses and people do not give much thought to how, where and which hosting to buy? But they are ignoring one of the most important aspects of their online experience. Let us ask you, you would never take up a retail shop which wasn’t visible, accessible or was closed due to maintenance 6 months out of the year right?

Think of your hosting provider as an online retail or office location. You want it to be buzzing with people, maintained beautifully and offer amenities and support to you. So here are some things to know before buying hosting.

Understand your requirement

The first thing you need to do is forecast your need for a certain period of time and plan your hosting needs based on that. There are many type of hosting available out there. From shared hosting to managed hosting.

Shared hosting is where a hosting providing provides you with a shared server, with many other clients. This has restriction and limitations since it the server supports multiple business. But if your future needs are small go with it.

Dedicated hosting gives you your personal server with loads of feature live uptime monitoring, security and warrantees. This might also allow you to receive huge sets of traffic and add on features to your website.

For a more detailed understanding read our article on types of hosting.

The price is right and big names don’t matter

Based on identification of your needs, you need to make a check list of your requirement. Then compare among hosting providers which would provide you all that for the cheapest price. So don’t go the other way around and choose hosting based on the price.

We get what we pay for. So if you are looking for something cheap and reliable to get yourself started. Here are a few free hosting providers.  http://www.webamass.com/top-5-free-hosting-providers-beginners-learn-wordpress/

Another thing to keep in mind is brands and big names don’t mean they would match all your needs.  If you are looking for alternatives let us help click here.


Customer review

Before buying any hosting read its customer reviews. It would give you a sense of the quality of service you would get. Besides this it opens your eyes to the peculiar problems that the clients face, which might not be apparent to you. If nothing else a little bit of research prepares you for certain issues you might have in the future with the hosting provider. Also keep an eye out for the providers reply to those reviews. This would show their commitment to the clients and also the level of support they provide.

Check the Hard ware

Always ask your hosting provider what kind of hard ware they use. Now no need to geek out and learn everything about their hard ware and drill them on the specification. All you need to know is how old their servers are, how often they are maintained and the kind of staff that take care of them. Honestly this is all the information you need.

Tech support

Now what do you do when your site goes down? You can’t figure out what went wrong? Who you gonna call? Ghost busters. No!!!! You are going to call tech support. But you forgot if your hosting providers tech support 24/7. Heck you don’t even know if they provide tech support at all. So please don’t be a fool. Check, find out or ask whether you get 24/7 tech support with your plan. This is especially important if you wish to earn money online.


Can your plan support features

 Another thing  Worth finding out is what all features on your website can the hosting provider support. Let’s say you wish to do email marketing with an email attached to the domain. Will the plan and server be able to cope with the demand? So go back to your requirement check list, see what kind of add on features you need and cross check if they can be supported.

We know these 5 things require a lot of homework on your part. But being an informed and intelligent first time buyer is way better than  learning from your mistakes.  After you are done with buying the perfect hosting plan, learn how to build your own website. Click here. http://www.webamass.com/ultimate-guide-how-to-make-a-wordpress-websitestep-by-step/

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