Paypal has actually established itself in a big way and solved the problem regarding money transfer and other online money transactions and payments completely doing away with bank transfers and checks. The only requirement in this case is of having a paypal account at sender and receiver end and of course  it  should be a valid account. The biggest advantage of paypal is that it offers a wide platform and easily manages integrating with third party platforms.Elon Musk ,co founder of paypal rightly said that ,”if paypal doesn’t do something it will be screwed.”Earlier paypal was subsidiary of ebay and could not experiment much but now it has more freedom and it such come out with the new products.

As everything is not a perfect solution and so is paypal.

# Paypal does not have presence in backward countries like Iraq, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Afghanistan and so on

#With name and fame comes high fees. This is one of the most unfavourable move of paypal

#The scanner of paypal generally holds the payments for the reasons unknown and this delays the transactions.

There are various other technical jargons from the merchant point of view also and hence on a cumulative basis  with the globalization going in a big way the need for an alternative was the need of the hour.Let us explore the other alternatives.


Google wallet system is the digital mode of payment and is primarily used for making online payments on your smartphones.You can use google wallet for peer to peer transfers within US.

At the moment the operations are concentrated in US but the fact that it accepts the major credit and debit cards of majority of the countries is a clear indication that soon it will be available in maximum countries.Google wallet is basically concentric towards the merchants.There is no chargeable fees when using Google wallet but holds good if you are shopping with online merchants based out of US.Hence the major disadvantage of google wallet is less acceptability.


This is an amazing alternative to paypal for bloggers.It has its presence felt in more than 200 countries.It is backed by all the major visa, mastercards and so on.It also has a prepaid version which has a major acceptance across the globe.It is equally supported by both the android and the iphone version.


Supporting more than 195 countries Payza is widely accepted across the globe in more than 20 currencies.It offers an easy channel for sending and receiving money.

As other alternatives offer reloadable card so does payza which has a wide acceptance across the world.

Payza is equipped with excellent features like centralized payment system, shopping cart integration, among other features leading to easy payment options.


2 Checkout is very wide canvas and is pretty different from other payment options as it offers to receive payments from buyers and again to accept from a wide array of cards like visa, mastercard,american express, JCB, and all the major debit cards.

The receipt of the payments is through EFT, wire transfer and payoneer.

Further the integration of 2 checkout is with various shopping sites like prestashop, woocommerce, WHMCS, selz, shopify etc.

Try it if you want to have an ecommerce site but have no or limited access to paypal.


It is one of the pioneers in the field of E-commerce and can be integrated with all the major shopping carts for the making of the payments. Another advantage of this is that it does not require any setup fee or any transaction fee which actually reduces your cost of item.It actually wants to have  a flat monthly fee depending on the basis of your buying or selling.

It can be very easily integrated to your website with the buy now and the payment button.

In a way E-junkie is a shopping cart wherein you can set up your digital products in a way that it keeps them from being stolen and shared.

Further it accepts all the major credit card payments and the pay pal payments as well.


There are various alternatives for the bloggers and freelancers to explore other than paypal  which helps them in a big way toward the affiliate marketing as well as setting up their ecommerce site into their blogs.

The need is to understand what is best for them without undertaking much hassles for them and their consumers and other keeping the transaction cost at minimum so that the benefit passes on to the buyer and the image of the site does not get much affected.


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