Hosting and HOSTGATOR were aligned in a way that one could not imagine hosting without HOSTGATOR. The name itself spoke clear and loud for which Hostgator existed.So what happened that we started thinking of an alternative to Hostgator for hosting purpose.
#For any hosting the true backbone comes in the form of customer support, and believe it or not this support of customer service is so very frustrating that you have for at least 30-45 minutes before you get to be answered by a customer care executive.
#Live chat as well is only name sake you hardly get any answer immediately. So there is nothing live about that chat.
#The next problem with Hostgator is the absence of any true backup.They do create a backup but it is only once a week.For the next backup, they have to wait for another week and finally they do offer you to buy a backup plan.
#At one time HostGator would offer clean script installer which would be quite efficient but as of now, they have namesake upsell techniques which are very inefficient.Competitors, on one hand, are using SSD drive hosting and speed zones and hence is the time for Hostgator to revamp the entire working system.
These reasons are enough for finding an alternative.There is one more interesting angle to this Hostgator is now owned by an international group named ENDURANCE INTERNATIONAL GROUP(EIG) which has also purchased BLUEHOST.
Ever since Hostgator has come under the new management the quality of its services has nosedived.People are looking left right for such alternatives which are not only reliable but also offer quality services and are not a hole in the pockets.

We are recommending here some alternative to Hostgator which could act as a guide to the outgoing Hostgator customers. The alternatives are such which offer better services and support and are not very harsh in their customer support.
Here is the list of the of alternatives we offer based on various factors.



Let us analyze this and arrive at proper consensus


Hosting of 1.5 million sites is a big achievement and if budget is not a constraint then there is nothing best than DREAMHOST.It is officially backed up by WordPress and is providing excellent services to bloggers and E-commerce sites apart from developers.
As far as e-commerce perspective is concerned it offers 100% uptime which is necessary for such sites so that customers can explore it at any hour.Apart from that, it comes with the CloudFlare feature and with e-commerce site as you have to keep customer records it offers free SSL add-on which is an additional feature.
Normally the hosting companies who are not confident of their hosting quality offer very less time for money back but as far as DREAMHOST is concerned it offers an excellent time period of believe it or not 97 days !!!! You have enough time to go into the details and find out the mistakes but be assured you will not return it.
Customer support is excellent. You can get connected to the customer care executive within a small span of 5 minutes and the availability is 24/7 and the best part is LIVE CHAT is actually solving the problems instantly.
All other features of unlimited storage, email account, unlimited bandwidth are there as an additional cost. Hence if you have some decent funds you should instantly go for a replacement. This actually tops my favorite hosting site list.


 INMOTION hosting is considered one of the best alternatives to Hostgator the reason being the liberal offerings and the advanced technology offered as well.InMotion started as an independent company in 2001 and believe it or not is considered the best WordPress hosting provider.Apart from this, they are also the best service provider of dedicated, VPS  and business hosting.
   They generally provide a 90 days of cashback period which is long enough to experience the dynamism of this amazing service provider.There should be any reason why you would go for refund.Apart from these, they have come forward with the east and west coast data centers which ensure the efficiency of the hosting sites.
   The support service offered is also excellent.You are connected 24/7/365 days and support offered is through email/ live chat/ phone …..you can even connect with them over Skype.In your free time, you can utilize their “support center” which is full of tips and solutions and can be used to gain knowledge.
Now let us see what Hostgator used to offer and what Inmotion hosting is offering.Hostgator offered unmetered web space, bandwidth, 1 free domain name and 200$ credit.Going ahead with InMotion which offers unlimited storage space and traffic with a market credit of 250$  and there are more surprises in store namely hosting of 2 domain space instead of one and as Hostgator did not only any parked domain; InMotion allows about 6 parked domains…..How cool !!!!
   Frankly speaking, InMotion offers services at a premium as compared to Hostgator but there are some of the value for money schemes which can be availed of to get maximum benefits.


Launched as Inquirer back in 2001 it was renamed as A2 hosting to give a tribute to their hometown Ann Arbor so this is a comparatively established company delivering their services in latest infrastructure and swift services.
    Now going into the cash back guarantee policy they offer 100% cashback till 30 days  and if you are not satisfied with their services even after 30 days and you decide to go away with it  then you can get a refund on pro-rata basis; which means that you always have a chance of refund even after 30 days.
   Like any other good hosting companies they provide a niche which gives you a platform much above the other servers like TURBO servers to enhance the speed of websites hosted on their servers.”A2 OPTIMIZED” software which generally enhances the performance of the sites hosted……HOW COOL !!!!
   Apart from this, the host provides you with “SERVER REWIND BACKUP” which helps you to rewind and land your data in a safe place in case of some tricky situation. Further, all the plans have active Brute force defense, kernel care, firewall and virus scanning system.
   A2 generally like other good hosts offer unlimited data storage, data transfer and c panel.If you want more resources and benefits then go in for the swift plan which provides you with unlimited domains at a limited price.

   If you ask for the favorites then it is and has to be IN
MOTION  hosting as it provides you excellent service though at a slightly higher price with servers performing at an amazingly high speed …..GO FOR IT !!!!!


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