Linking Instagram and Facebook Account



  • social media platform where you can share your photos and videos with your friends and family, basically an online photo sharing network.

  • It’s a network that easily connects to a variety of other social media tools.

  • It helps in keeping you up to date with celebrities, politicians and athletes.

  • Instagram is a mobile application that’s installed on a smart device and that allows you to take edit, and share photos and videos.

  • Your friends and family can follow you to peek into your life and vice versa.

  • You can choose your posts be public, or make your account private so you can choose who is allowed to see your posts.

  • Instagram allows you to personalize each photo that you take or upload.

  • You can apply effects, framing, focus, rotations and captions to them.


  • Facebook is social networking website which was started in 2004, and is dedicated to bring in people from all parts of the world connect together with their friends and family.

  • Facebook users can see what’s happening in the lives of people they are connected to i.e. they can check their photos, videos and other information as well.

Instagram gives you the option to share the photos and videos you upload on Instagram to facebook, twitter and more.

This helps in saving your time and effort. If you are running a business on these platforms it helps you out reach larger audience.

steps to link

How to link Instagram and Facebook?

  • Everyone has a unique profile and a unique Facebook profile so when you open Instagram on your android or ios there is the last tab which shows your own personal profile. Here you can stalk yourself!

  • At the top right corner you can see a gear shaped icon which depicts settings or three dots which means settings as well. So basically you have to go to Instagram settings.

  • Once you scroll down, you can see share settings

  • Clicking on that it will show you a tab of LINKED ACCOUNTS.

  • Click on that and there will be a list of social media applications where you can link your Instagram with like facebook, twitter, swarm, tumblr, flickr, Vkontakte, ameba etc.

  • Once you click on facebook it will automatically undergo a process and link your Instagram with the facebook profile that is currently open on your device.

  • So make sure it is the same facebook id where you want to share or link your Instagram account with.

  • Once it is linked you can check it whether it is linked or not!

  • You can see the color of icon of facebook in linked account tab gets changed to blue, that reflects that your accounts is successfully linked to facebook.

  • By default Instagram links your Instagram to your facebook profile’s timeline but you can change it if you click on Facebook(that blue tab now),you can change that default timeline to your business page or wherever you want your Instagram should post on to.


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