Instagram is not anyone time pass with such concrete figures of namely

  1. 200 million active users
  2. 60 million pictures shared per day
  3. 1.6 billion likes per day

Anytime by analysis instagram surges ahead of other social media by more than a whopping 58% which a record in itself.A social  media which was considered as a fashion platform has touched whopping numbers and hence is now involved in serious business therefore the need arises to focus on increasing more followers with an already wide base.

The need here is not to just surge ahead but to become a INSTAGRAM UNICORN.

To become an unicorn you

need to leave behind all the shortcomings like

  1. Sharpen up your hashtags.
  2. Get a certain level of creativity with the handle
  3. Giving importance to all your followers
  4. Involving yourself with all important issues social issues to  get the edge.
  5. Cropping up all the unnecessary pictures where you are tagged without utility.
  6. Promoting your instagram on other social media handles like facebook,Twitter.
  7. Headings and captions should be very catchy.
  8. If you are following somebody you should be religious about the influencer marketing.
  9. Having your own style will definitely keep you ahead.
  10. Instagram should become a social forum and should involve itself with local issues which will help you to become more popular with eventually a wider base of followers.

Let us now go into the detailing of these facts and thus increase your followers.


Instagram  has a to be really pleasing and creative with its layout. The images should be sharp and appealing.

The captions should be catchy.

Unless the captions are interesting and catchy the viewers cannot get interested.

This picture above is interesting as well as passes on an amazing message in a light hearted manner with minion being the brand ambassador

Social message should be the undercurrent of all the social handles and this should be kept in your mind .When a blogger start with blogging they have also to keep these things in their mind and surge ahead.Read the article in the link below and get the actual strength of your handle..


Whether it is a film or a article or any social handle like facebook poster or twitter or instagram or youtuber posting the vlogs one has to be consistent while posting .

Keeping the viewers posted is another way of being in touch with your followers.

Interesting and informative information will bring the followers and make them regular visitors.

Everyone wants information with interesting facts.Just yesterday Jeff bezos used twitter as a medium sharing interesting fact of “How should I donate my wealth.” Do you know the strength of these social handles; he received 15 thousand replies within 24 hours ….. Wow !!!!!


@ OREO : “ see the world through our wonder filled cookies.”

@Staples:”we make it easy# to make it more happen.”

Add a link  to your Bio so that people can directly land up to your site.The space allocated for the URL is the only place wherein you can place a clickable link hence use it very judiciously and carefully.

Enable your notifications so that you can immediately see the likes and comments and you can respond quickly.It is rather recommended to post your things separately rather  than linking your instagram ,twitter, facebook as they have different styles.

The use of hashtags to tell your part of story in an interesting way is what you express yourself hence be very creative, funny, look beyond one liners.

Try to be part of interesting conversations going on and let you be the part of the flow.These things automatically take you to a different level.

Be very sharp edged with whatever you say and do.At we work their captions, pictures and posts say much more than what you tend to see at one glance.


Originality and creativity go hand in hand. Always remember to have your own unique style which stands apart and speaks aloud.

Express yourself in a way so that it stand out and is clear to the people listening around.

If you have certain influencers there is nothing bad to have INFLUENCER MARKETING but then follow your own heart and style be very creative and stick to what is called as the UNIQUE STYLE OF EXPRESSION.


When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger started it as a mobile app for ios operating system back in 2010, little did they could visualize the vast diversity that facebook would provide it after its acquisition.It is here to stay and grow and now if you have to have your instagram account you have to remember that you should have your own set of dedicated followers and that you should be following INFLUENCER MARKETING  meaning dedicatedly following your influencer, this chain will take your mission or business to unexpected heights .



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