How to Set up WooCommerce Store


Woocommerce is a most popular and free e-commerce solution for WordPress with over 3+ million installs, a 4.6 user rating on and crowd of happy people.

Woocommerce is the best option if you are looking to open your online shop through WordPress.  Here is an inclusive step by step guide to set  virtual store through WooCommerce

There are three steps involved to set up your e-commerce website through WooCommerce:

Step 1: Installation

Step 2: Adding and Managing Products

Step 3: Managing Woocomerce

Woocommerce Installation

The First thing you need to do is install Woocommerce plugin. You can download it for free from  The first step is installing woocommerce plugin. You can download it for free from WordPress library .

You can also install it directly from wordpress dashboard, follow the below steps.

1.Go to wordpress plugin menu and click Add New.

2.In the Search field type “Woocommerce” and Search plugins.

3. Install and Activate the Plugin  .

4.You will reach to a woocommerce setup window. You can skip this but here i will click on Let’s Go and will into more detail for each option.

5.On the setup screen  page woocommerce is notifying you that it will create few pages automatically i.e. shop, cart, checkout and my account that are required complete the setup. Click on “continue” to let it create.

 6: You can quickly choose the country or and state on the store locate setup screen. You can also choose the currency and the product units. Then click on “Continue.”

7. You can also choose whether or not you are shipping physical goods to your customers on Shipping & tax setup screen. You can also enable sales tax setting if required.

8. After Shipping settings you will be able to see payment screen where you can choose which third party payment processor you want to integrate with. I personally recommend paypal.

This is the final intial setting screen where yo can choose “return to your WordPress Dashboard” link  and start uploading products.   



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