How to make money from a food blog


Hello gentle dummies, how many of you are foodies? Are you an expert chef? Or a food connoisseur? Well in that case you need to get started on a food blog immediately. Especially if you cater to specific diets or have knowledge on the subject of what foods do what with your body. Food always has a market, people are always hungry. This is because experimenting with food is easy and safe.  Now if you already have a food blog of your own this article is for you too. Here are a few ways one can make money by food blogging.


Now this is going to be a big one initially. Since you are new,  traffic would be low. However once the traffic increases  so does the income. Try Google adsense (, it’s the best possible deal for small and new websites. They have a free sign up and is the most trusted in all of digital advertising.  You may also want to check out buy and sell ads (, it is like a classified for  add spaces. Simply tell them the ad unit space you are selling along your monthly visitors, and then wait for it. You would be contacted by a dozen of interested parties. If you are doing an article on food or wine try gourmetads  ( they  provide ads which are generic to the topics important to food bloggers.


Food needs a visual medium. Put your cooking skills to good use and shoot a video. Upload it to youtube, learn how to do youtube seo and you are golden.  Food attracts many people in video format. Particularly if you have some skill with the camera. You can monetize your youtube channel to  earn an additional income other than from your blog. It also provides a great opportunity to direct traffic to your website where you would have the detailed recipe.

Using Youtube would also allow you to embed videos into your blog.

Selling cook books

Another great way to make money is to make use of all the traffic coming your way. Write a small cook book with recipes of the  cuisine or food tech area that you specialize in. Direct traffic from each article or video to the page or place where people might be able to buy your book. This would not only increase your popularity but also allow you to up sale later with different  products. Looking for an online financial service provider read our article on paypal vs payoneer.

Teach cooking

Once you have become popular. With loads of traffic coming to your website. This means you have established credibility with your audience. Another way to make money is to ask your audience to sign up for an in-person online lesson. Offer a couple of free lessons just to sweeten the deal.

Affiliate marketing

Now you might not know what this is my dear gentle dummy. But affiliate marketing is defined as Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’sown marketing efforts. So if you have a favourite brand of kitchen knives or other kitchen equipment, find out if they have n affiliate program in place. Amazon has a really great affiliate program, so tie up with them. Plug in their items in your videos or articles. As more people click and buy those products you get paid.

Remember that your passion is food and cooking, never lose sight of that. Keep updating yourself and stay current to give your audience the quality content they deserve. If you are looking to buy a domain name for your food blog click here.


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