How to make a good first impression


As the old adage goes, the first impression is the last impression. Although in the modern world this might not be as true as before. There is still some merit to it.  We meet people on a daily basis; we interact with them, if only there were a key to unlock a memorable place in their minds we would be so much better off.

There are something’s that one could learn, practise or put into good use to make good impressions. This would allow you to be retained in peoples memory for longer. It would be a whole lot easier to get in touch or have a conversation with them in the future if they remembered you.  Here are some of the things that might give you the edge.

Be well groomed

Now this does not mean you need a $2000 Italian suit or  that you should use hair wax and curb your individuality. It just means look presentable and suitable for the occasion where you are to meet people.

Control your body

Learn a few body language techniques; there are a multitude of lessons online on this for free. But to begin with, always stand straight, look people in the eyes. Keep your hand to the side, don’t sway and no matter what don’t shake your legs. If you are seated. Don’t cross your arms, be comfortable but not in the same you as you are in your living room.

Speech in very important

Now a lot of people have trouble with what to say at the right time. A practise that would hold you in good stead is rehearsing different situations and sets of conversation in your head. Rehearse what you would say, how would you say it. After you have practised enough,  conversations would come to you quickly and your wit would be admired by all.

Be polite (manners maketh man)

Be mindful of your surroundings, who are you with. Practise being polite, open doors and pull out chairs. But have a stern stance and stand up for what you believe in.

Increase your vocabulary and be funny

It never hurts to be articulate and never does it hurt to have a non controversial joke or limerick in your arsenal.

Be a good listener

A good listener  is always appreciated.  It shows you are focused and attentive. Also give your input if needed, save your wit for when it would be most effective

The road to being memorable and making good impressions can be tough and take years of practise. But don’t lose hope  do these few things well and you won’t have to worry about a thing.


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