How to invite all your friends to like a facebook page(on chrome)


Hello there gentle dummies since you have learnt  how to make a facebook page, you would have already started to invite your friends to like it. You friends help spread the work about your venture. They could prove to be some of your early customers as well. Once your friends have shared a post of your or invited people to like your page. Their friends and associates are more likely to react, like or buy your product or service. This is because this recommendation is coming from a known associate rather than a sponsored post.

What we are trying to imply here that inviting all your friends is an absolute necessity if you have made a facebook page. But inviting all of your friends is not an easy task. Facebook does give you the option of manually inviting your friends one by one. Because your business or venture is young you are and should rightly be in a time crunch. So don’t waste hours inviting your 1078 facebook friends’ one by one follow these steps and get it done with just one click. This would increase your page likes too. Speaking of page like read our article on way to increase facebook page likes.

P.s if you happen to have exactly 1078 facebook friends leave us a gentle HIGH FIVE in the comments below. Cheers!!!

Go to chrome settings

Click on extensions option in the top

Now on the extension page scroll down and click get more extensions as shown below

Type invite all in the search box

Scroll to find the add-on mentioned in the image. It is widely used and rated by more than 50,000 people.

Click ad to chrome

The add-on should be displayed up top

Now sign in to your facebook page and go to the page on which you wish to invite people. Once there click invite all friends options

After doing that just click the addon button in the top bar. It would get cracking and in a few minutes you would be done and a message (as shown below) would be displayed.

We know that took more than a couple of clicks. But it was your first time. Now any time you have a new page and have to invite your friends over. All you need to do is follow step 8 and 9 and you are done. This would allow you, as mentioned before to cut back on the hours wasted inviting friends one by one. We know managing your social media can be hard, particularly because your need to be present on multiple platforms. This can be time consuming. Follow the link to find out how to manage all your social media activity in one place.


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