How to get out of your comfort zone


We all wish to be successful, to get the maximum out of life. Somehow most of us fall short. Many of us know what’s  to be done and how to do it. Yet execution is a problem.  This is a common problem that most of us have,  whether we realize  it or not. See,  being successful require skills and learning from our mistakes. Most of us work hard with a single minded approach where we think that the harder we work, the better the result. Because of this type of thinking,  we work really hard in our own comfort zones. We only tend to work at or better our god given talents seldom venturing  out to learn something different.

Your comfort zone holds you back. It stops you from making that crucial phone call, it stops you to making that sale, taking up that class you always wanted and much more. We humans always want to travel through the path of least resistance. We make a bubble around ourselves , this bubble protects us from shame, humiliation, pain of failure and heart ache. All of us forget the way to success is beyond this pain.

Here are a few ways you can get over your inhibitions and get out of your comfort zone.

Decide to take action

Now,  you might have heard this countless of times. But we don’t mean it in that sense. Instead we really want you to take baby steps. Make a very simple do to list. These tasks should only be very silently out of your comfort zone. Doing so would enable you to realize it’s not that hard or painful.

So if you have a fear of being judged by other people. Make a small list with just three task, strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, buy clothes straight out of a 70s movie, wear  them to a party. If you don’t get invites to parties, wear  them and walk down a busy street.

Have a positive attitude

Perhaps the most difficult and daunting of task is to keep oneself in high spirits all the time. We read books and listen to experts talk about the benefits  of  positive thinking. They make it sound so easy as if there were a switch in the brain. Flick the  button and positive mode on. Yet if you have tried this one before, you know how  hard it is .

So this time around, remember it’s hard but also keep in mind it is important.

Focus on the end goals

Most of us live a secret life of a pessimist. We focus too much on the what if? And what might? Instead of focusing on what we want what of it.  So,  if you have a presentation coming up and you don’t like to speak in public. Write the best speech possible with the best presentation you can muster. Rehearse it often and keep yourself busy with other stuff in your life. If your mind wonders off to what if i forget or what if i suck, remember it would not matter to in 5 years. You would be laughing about it. No one in that room would remember it.

Think like a grand parent

Now this is a tough one so bear with us. Make a list of all your fears, insecurities and reservations (losing loved ones not included). Write down the worst possible thing that could happen, if your list came to life. Now imagine being 80 and explaining your grand children why you never learnt to play the guitar due to the fear of being judged. This perspective really helps, trust us.


People this life is your story it is up to you to let each page be another account of disappointment or wondrous land of excitement and adventure. Give up that comfort zone, it’s worth it.


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