How to Buy hosting from best hosting provider – Bluehost


Many users make a mistake of buying hosting from unreliable hosting providers. In this article i will share complete detail required to buy hosting and domain name and the process of buying from Bluehost

Bluehost started in 1996, it is one of the oldest web hosting companies. Bluehost host million of website and it’s one of the best hosting provider, when it comes to wordpress hosting.

Bluehost provides free domain name, free SSL Certificate and hosting on discounted rated. It’s a WordPress and woocommerce recommended hosting provider.

Before we start, there are few things you need to know.

Domain Name:

Domain name is like your online address where your website lives.

Bluehost provides free domain name with hosting, you can also use your existing domain name as well, if you have  already purchased the one.

If you have not yet decided the domain name and finding difficulties to choose best domain name for your website.

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SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that secure internet transactions for your website.

Payment Mode:

You can make a payment via debit card, credit card, net banking and paypal while buying your web hosting.

Now let’s learn how to buy hosting from Bluehost and get free Domain name and

Open Bluehost and click on the “get started now” button

This will take you to the screen where you will find three different web hosting packages that you can choose according o your requirements. I have explained the packages after the screenshot.


Need one website – Basic

Need more than one website – Plus

Need SSL certificate for online transactions – Prime

Click on the “select” button to choose the plan

Step 1: Choose a New or Existing Domain name

After selecting the plan either you can use exiting domain name, or you can also choose free domain domain name provided by bluehost.

You can use free domain name later on for other website as well later, if you dont need it now.

If you are using the existing domain name, you need to change the name server from existing domain registrar account to:

Click on the ‘next’ button

Step 2: Enter your Account Details:

Give your detail and verify your email id.

Step 3: Select the Package

Check carefully before completing your order and remove all the extra add ons i.e “site backup pro” and “sitelock” as you really don’t need them.

Step 4: Complete your Purchase

Verify all your details before completing your purchase

Click “Submit” button to complete your order.

After clicking “submit” button, you will see another  sales page.

Ignore this and click on the “Complete” button

You see the screen like one below with confirmation of your hosting package.

Click on “create your password”

You can create a new password and click on “create”. Now you can login to your bluehost cPanel.

Step 5: Login into Web Hosting cPanel:

You will find an confirmation email in your email box with complete login information of your web hosting account.

Go to and click on “login” at the top bar.

Provide your username and password in the login screen and click “submit”

You can access your Bluehost cPanel now, Congratulations!


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