How to Add a Product in WooCommerce


The first thing you will notice at your WordPress dashboard’s side menu is two new tabs named WooCommerce (General WooCommerce setting area) & Products (Product settings area).

Setting up e-commerce store

Go to WordPress Admin > Products> Add Product

Create a Title and description for your product. This is how your product title and description will display on the main screen.

Product Data

After giving title and description of your product, you need to scroll down for product data screen where you can fill details about your product shipping, prices, inventory  and dimensions.

Product Short Description

WordPress Admin> Products> Add new

You can create a short description line at Product short description screen widget, that will be displayed under the product title.

After adding the complete detail don’t forget to add tags, choose a product category and upload product images and gallery.

Here is how your product will be displayed.

Managing Products

WordPress Admin> Products> Different tabs

Under the woocommerce product page you can view all your products, categories, tags, shipping classes, attribute and calendar.


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