Facebook live is the new age buzz, reason being it has not only a live audience and instant response but a niche for small time business owners

“On the surface Facebook live is a basic feature that offers live streaming video capabilities to users.By tapping the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting video live from your smartphone,and write an optional description for the event.”

The question here arises that how can people discover live broadcasts on facebook? People can discover the live videos right in the news feed.To get notified just press the Live Subscribe” button on the top of a live video to get notified when that person goes live.

At a glance , you’ll notice that facebook live is just like others in the market namely periscope and meerkat which also distinctively offers live videos to the users.If you go in depth you will notice that there are wide differences in quality and it can be retrieved anytime and there is deep association with other features on app.

Of late there has been so many new launches whether it is a product or a promotion of a new film or a new cookery show or any other new era thing ,Facebook live  can actually be called a launch pad for everything new.

Endless opportunities can arise with Facebook Live and this has to be analyzed from the growth prospective avenue so that the business growth can be linked with.There is so much you can do with live,from giving insight into a topic to providing customer with useful tips.Let us explore the unending opportunities with facebook live.


The entire journey of your business along with the challenges you faced to bringing your product to the final stage can be exhibited in the behind scene video through facebook live.This brings the general public closer to your brand , People want them to be associated with the behind scenes which actually fascinates them and they tend to feel more at home.

At the end of certain movies we can see the behind the scene videos which makes us realize the amount of efforts that has gone into making a movie so that we appreciate the movie rather than giving a unreasonable comment.

The same thing applies when a new product is conceptualized to the end process of being a final product.The facebook live gives you an opportunity of connectivity with the ultimate consumer.This helps in finally boosting the sales.


The overall personality of a person makes a entire different impact on a new person.Have you ever gone to a restaurant wherein the food is excellent but it was the servers personality that really made the night awesome?It is all about showing the personality of your brand and sharing the people behind the brand. You can either do a weekly or a monthly live show.Either your favourite customer can come forward to share his story.These have dual benefit of introducing your staff and at the same time highlighting your amazing customer at the same time.How cool is it !!!


Facebook live makes you realize that you are easily approachable with your consumer.The approachability element creates a unending and strong relationship with the consumer.

If you are a distinguished actor or a singer or a politician you can only be popular when you are among the masses, and definitely Facebook live is the medium.


How about getting instant response from the customer’s about your product after it is launched in the market. At the launch itself through Facebook live you can get instant reply from consumers and then if it is positive response you can immediately without much efforts do an full launch of the product in other markets.If it is otherwise than necessary alterations can be executed before the new launch.

Facebook live is an easy and instant response vehicle for gaining the immediate and better market insight.


There are so many interesting opportunities for incorporating live videos into the social media.If you have certain facebook groups you can think of incorporating it within that groups and seeing the response of each individual groups.The tips provided above can help you to be successful in having your creative live videos and hence boost your business.


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