As the picture depicts so are the questions popping up every now and then…

  1. Which website is the best launching platform?

2.Which is more cost effective ?

3.Which one is more user friendly avoiding technical jargons

Herein the question is not what is better but  what holds importance at  what interval on the following basis:

  1. Design element
  2. Price element
  3. Features offered
  4. Overall efficiency

Let us now delve into the detailing and do the necessary analysis

4.Which one will be more long lasting avoiding breakdowns with adding of new products ?


Canadian company launched in the year 2006 and offering a complete Ecommerce platform makes it easy for the users to have their entire site launched within few time and without having much technical knowhow.

Without much technical jargons they give you a dedicated Ecommerce website and if you do not have your website they will do your hosting as well.


This being the plug in of the most famous wordpress and is capable of handling everything related to website right from designing,publishing blog spots, videos,pictures etc and all available for fee but also considering the fact that available to those who stumble upon the said URL.

The so called E-Commerce site is a totally different ball game and has to be handled totally differently.

It has the criteria of handling the sensitive information of credit cards, keep the information securely and that topping off with the receiving of the orders, handling the orders, executing them and final accomplishment……so long and tiresome process needs definitely an expert handling.

So the fact remains that the wordpress is not efficient to handle all this and we need something over and above.Basically you need something like Shopify to handle the stringent norms of the E-Commerce site.

To use it as a  ecommerce platform you have to go through the jargon of namely :

  1. Buying a domain name and hosting server
  2. You need to pick up the theme and to add certain plug ins to handle the SEO, social media integration and so on
  3. Add the woo- commerce plugin for handling the complex jargons of the e-commerce site.
  4. You need to handle the configurations of the e-commerce site so as to get the things set for handling the orders, making payments and so on. This can take a while.



  • It is specifically an e-commerce site.
  • No coding is required.
  • It becomes operational in a small period of time
  • It has a 24/7 customer support to answer your queries whenever they rise
  • It offers you against every site a sub domain for free.
  • You can sell whatever to wish to sell
  • It is an off line and and online, meaning not only can you purchase online but you can purchase from your local store integrating with shopify
  • Last but not the least it is an paid and not a free site with price ranging between 10$ -179$ /month



  1. It is a full fledged website plugin and being a part and parcel of wordpress has the efficiency of handling multiple tasks.
  2. You need website building skills  and depending on customizations you need coding and design skills as well.
  3. It is practically a free website with the need to buy domain and hosting and you can get started at nearly 5$ / month
  4. Lots of themes to select from.
  5. Not any direct support offered but definitely a supportive community.
  6. Lot of scope for expansions.


If you do not have any coding skills or any type technical know-how still with the shopify app you can have a full fledged website boasting n number of  products and commanding a 24/7 customer support . The best benefit being you can start immediately and serve your customers almost instantly and the starting cost is as low as $ 9 with numerable design options to support.If your website is already going on then it’s always cost effective to go with the woocommerce plug in and enjoy the benefits.Weigh all the needs and uses and go for the best suitable option.


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