Difference Between shared hosting and dedicated server


While looking at all the packages provided by  hosting providers. Many people make the mistake of letting the price decide what they need. This is the reason just at the moment their business, blog or personal site is about to kick off, their website crashes. In order to avoid this mistake plan ahead, anticipate your future needs as you grow. Remember there is many a hosting provider in the market.

If you have small to medium traffic volume needs then check out these free hosting providers.


shared hosting

Think of shared hosting like your college dorm. You shared a living accommodation with a bunch of other people. Off course you had your own personal space there. The only difference between shared hosting and your dorm is that you would never know what websites are being hosted on the same server. Unlike the people in your dorm with whom you eventually got acquainted with.

This is why  security is an issue with shared hosting, as an error on someone else’s end can cause the server to crash. Like when your dorm neighbour was learning to cook, set the stove on fire and you had to stand outside in the cold. Imagine that times a 1000.

Now you might have seen shared hosting plan that are unlimited, trust us they are limited. You might eventually be able to use more disk space. But host providers generally ration disk space based on parameters know only to them. Due to being limited the performance of your website could vary.

The best upside to shared hosting is that  it is economical and in some cases free. But for the most part, shared hosting systems cannot handle massive amounts of traffic.  Want to know  about  hosting providers other than hostgator  click here http://www.webamass.com/5-best-hostgator-alternatives/

Dedicated server

Dedicates server beats out many of the problems that come with shared hosting. You no longer have to worry about someone else interfering with the performance of your website. A dedicated server is like the off campus house you moved to in sophomore year. Depending upon how cool a land lord you have you could possibly get unlimited resources.

Also performance would be as much as you would need and pay for. But a cautionary tale to bear in mind is that you would need advanced knowledge to manage your account. This is because a dedicated server allows for greater degree of control for every aspect of managing your website.  This control also requires the greater degree of skill.

The verdict

What should you choose?

If you are starting out and are a gentle dummy don’t fret. Start with a beginners  package for shared hosting.  Learn how to promote your entity and how to build and manage a website.  Once it is a huge success. Set traffic goal and see how fast you can meet them. Then as we mentioned in the begining, do analytics to predict your future requirement. If you feel you now have adequate knowledge  to take over the world.  Move over to a dedicated server.  By the way if you want to learn to make your own website click here.

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In case you are a medium level business that needs to get online. Hire the right modern resources and straight away move to a dedicated server which is pocket friendly. Once your needs and business grow, simply buy a bigger plan. Once that is done read how to grow your business online.



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