The strategic marketing approach aiming towards the creation of and sharing of the online material that does not explicitly promote the product but definitely kindles a interest in the mind of the consumer or to say the prospective consumer towards a particular product or range of product.Instead of the actual product you are providing a relevant and useful content to the prospective customer and helping the customer in solving their problem.

The approach of content marketing is like matching the relevant product with the desired consumer. The difference between the conservative marketing vice versa content marketing is that the prior marketing loads you up with lots of informational garbage which the maximum consumer just puts aside or throws in the bin. As intriguing as it is in today’s environment where there are loads of flyer per person per day.

The most important element of the content marketing lies in the VALUE ADDED INFORMATION.If the information you create for a particular sector of the client is desired by them or to say it is indispensable for the client then it is content marketing.The main emphasis is to load it with quality content to the maximum extent possible.

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Content marketing is focussing basically on the sharing of the valuable information.PRE INFORMING is the word I find  appropriate in the scenario of content marketing.Keeping the consumer fully informed so that it helps them in taking righteous decision in the appropriate direction. It further helps in ensuring value for money.

The ROI of content marketing seems to be phenomenal if it is executed properly.We do not need to focus on intensive sale tactics but just need to sign the agreement, working on details and getting started.The trust which needs to be eventually created is actually there


There are hundreds of ways to convey the information to the consumer or to say VALUABLE information.It is to say a loaded information which will give a clarity to the consumer.There are hundreds of way but since it is limited space and bandwidth we are discussing a few of the ways here:

  1. Youtube videos
  2. Magazines
  3. Web pages
  4. Infographics
  5. E books
  6. Blogs and so on

Let us discuss it in detail so that the utility is justified.


After takeover by google youtube has achieved new heights and you tubers are preparing informative videos and connecting with the viewers has become a in thing and hence the need to explore this as a medium to educate the ultimate consumer.This medium is largely untapped because people think that it is very expensive. This is not true as the prices of professional equipments has fallen down to a great extend making it possible for lot of amateaur you tubers to make videos on various products like Rotimatic, instant pot , mixers, refrigerators and the list is endless.There are so many youtubers who have millions of subscriber base and they are the ambassadors for your products. They can do the unveiling of the product on their channel by using it or sharing the link and suddenly you will find it can get a new status of viewers. HOW COOL !!!!


Yesterday I was surprised as I had no knowledge about the SUPER LUXURY products being launched by Macy’s ; the superstore in US and to my surprise it was generally a wider emphasis on online purchasing. The products and the pictures were too glossy and tempting as well.These pictures are published keeping the holiday season and gifting in mind; hitting the right audience with the right content . This is what CONTENT MARKETING is all about.

In the mailers which comes we have the mail in discount coupons and the magazines of big stores like Frontgate, pier 1, pottery barn, and all the super stores send magazines suiting every occasion like easter, halloween, christmas, new year and so on.  


There is actually a wide difference between the normal webpages and the web pages based on content marketing.The appearance and the effect is totally different giving it a major achievement goal for the consumer or the viewer at large.

Here is where the webpages differ it is not in appearance but in the exponential experience. It is the experience which you have created and you want that the same thing gets cherished by the ultimate targeted customer.

Content is everywhere but the content marketing content attracts the audience to a brand-owned destination wherein there is clarity of thought and a much clearer vision.


If you want to understand infographics as a medium of content marketing you first need to understand that what infographics can do for you.As the name suggests infographics are long vertical graphics which includes statistics, charts, graphs and other information.

The best thing about infographics is that if it is good it can be floated on social media for long years to come.You will be reminded with posting and re- posting.As far as getting a good infographics is concerned you can either hire a agency or a independent contractor , anytime it is a bit costly affair and hence need to do a lot of groundwork before taking the plunge.


A different field altogether which has raised the bar many times higher and giving a information loaded with research so that a very intelligent decision can be taken. We need to focus on proper development of the means of content marketing like Ebooks, infographics, web pages, blogs and so on.Bloggers can do a fantastic contribution as it is ever growing field and it can work wonders.Content marketing can provide additional benefit as it supports  other digital marketing channels.It not only contributes to the social media marketing but can be a good SEO contributor as it generates Quality content which is appreciated by the search engines.Get started and see the results !!!!


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