How to change the name of your facebook page


Hello there gentle dummies, we hope you are doing well. Whenever we start a new venture, any venture, we start out with bucket loads of passion and we give that passion a name. That name is usually the name of the venture, we associate with it. We wish others would associate with it, we want that particular name to shine bright in neon lights day and night fellows!!!! But sometimes things don’t work that way. Ventures whether they are businesses, blogs or any other thing change over time. In a little while from starting, you might feel that the name does not reflect your mission. Now what do you do.  You already marketed it on facebook, you already have a page???

Well facebook has great features as we all know, it also allows you to change the name of  your page. So that you don’t have to start fresh and lose out on all your fan base. Even if you make a new facebook page and ask all your fans to migrate, you are still going to lose out on a few and if you remember,   it wasn’t easy getting them right? After you have a new name for your page in mind follow these steps In order to change the name of your facebook page.

Step 1: Go to your facebook page.

Step 2: Go to the about section in the left hand corner like so.

Step 3: Click on it and such a page would open.

Step 4: Click on edit page info.

Step 5: A pop up would appear. This would have all the necessary information about your page and you can edit.

Step 6: Click on where it says name and type in the new name.

Step 7: Click on save changes and you are done.

Once you are done changing the name of your page, remember to edit the additional information on that page. You would not want to confuse your new fans with differences in the page name and the name in the description. While you are still at our website. Read our article on how to invite all your friends to like a page in just once click. Stay tuned for more dummies.


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