How to Buy the Perfect WordPress theme- 7 Things you Should Consider

How to best wordpress theme- things you should consider

It is always a challenging task to choose perfect wordpress theme for your website. There are thousand of paid and free wordpress themes are available online. Each looks better than other and comes up with different features and functionality. In this article i will share, How to choose the best wordpress theme for your website.

Why is it Important to be Carefull via Buying WordPress Theme?

You can create any kind of website on WordPress. Each theme comes up with different functionality.

Your theme should complement the content of your website. For example, if you are starting a cooking blog, than you need a theme that improves readability, improves food images and add banner placement on your website.

Your theme plays an important role as it a face of your WordPress site.

Many themes comes up with amazing options but they make your website extremely slow. You should be very carefully when choosing a WordPress theme.

Let’s look at the points you should take care of when you are buying WordPress theme to make sure you select the best one for your site.

Matches Your Blog Type

The impression of your website is always based on looks.  Visitors first notice the website layout and then start reading the articles.  

This is the first criteria you should consider that what is the type of your website. If you have fashion website, then look for tech website themes. If you have sports blog, then look for sports blog website themes. This is will also narrow down your work.


Responsive themes easily adjust its layout based on the screen sizes and resolutions.

A large and growing number of people are using internet through tablets and smartphones. A Significant number of your traffic come from mobile and other handed devices. If a large proportion of your website visitors are coming from mobile, you should go with responsive wordpress theme.

Google also gives priority to mobile friendly website and show them on the top in the mobile search result.

Most of the wordpress theme service providers sell responsive websites. But their are still few seller who sell WordPress themes with fixed width layouts.

Make sure the one you are using is responsive theme.

How to Test Responsive Theme

To test theme is responsive or not, resize your browser screen. As you will resize the screen you will find the layout of the screen is adjusting itself according to the screen width.

You can also copy the theme’s demo page and paste it on Google Mobile Friendly test page. 

Supported Plugins

WordPress plugins plays an essential role in WordPress site, as you can do anything with your WordPress site.

Make sure your WordPress theme supports all must- have WordPress plugins i.e. Yoast SEO, WP form, WP Total Cache etc.

Page Builder

Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to create layout of  the page with simple drag and drop user interface.

Many WordPress premium  themes come up with preinstalled page builder. Page builders help you to reduce lot of coding work.

Make sure you choose the theme that comes up with most used page builder plugins.

You can also buy page builder plugin separately –

Best Drag and Drop page builders for WordPress  
Browser Compatibility:

Website visitor use different browsers. Your website should look perfect on all the browsers. Most of the theme developers test their themes browser capability and clearly mention it on their website. But, if they don’t you should always check the theme on different browser i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.and mobile browsers as well before buying it.

Good Navigation:

WordPress themes are available in different layouts, number of columns but make sure you choose the theme that provides easy navigation. Your visitors should find easy to subscribe, navigate, find it easy to find any information and article.

Easy Customization:

There are many themes available which are easy to customized according to the requirements and you no need to learn the lot of php coding. You can play with themes if theme provides you easy customization.


Make sure you choose the themes that provides best technical support by its developer. Also check how frequently a developer updating a theme  according to WordPress latest version. Theme should also support the new features of the updated version.  

Good Navigation

Themes are available in different layouts and number of columns but make sure you choose the theme that provides easy and good navigation. Visitor preference easy navigation. It should be simple for your visitors to find any information i.e. blog, about you, contact on your website.  It always helps to reduce bounce rate if navigation of the site is good.


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