The festivities are knocking the doors with Thanksgiving just winded and the fervor of christmas taking a new leap every day. People are pumped with enthusiasm for the festive season.Along with the planning of the lavish menu during the festivities everybody is bothered about the new things which are lined up for the festivities. The shopping list is actually ahead of the menu list as the focus of the things lined up as wishlist is definitely more important.

With the festival season the shops are loaded with new goods and are heavily decked up

to attract the prospective consumers.Even if you are purchasing online some of the stores insist you to go for store pick up and encourage you to enter the store. The stores give you a heavy shipping cost vs the free store pick up so that the customer comes for the free store pick up and engages in more shopping.

With the e-commerce sites like Amazon, alibaba, flipkart, ebay holding a major chunk of the customer; the scene is becoming more competitive every passing day and so is the In- store incentives.

The UPS is expecting more than 35 million packages during the festival season and it can even cross the estimated limits.

Fedex is expecting the shipments to double between thanksgiving and christmas as the shopping gets CRAZY.Fedex is looking at 26 million packages from the existing 13 million packages.So it is double to the actual estimation.

When you have such type of scenario the shipping companies and the in -store representatives hire temporary workers for the holiday season to meet up the temporary demands.

The economy is booming with the retail therapy in which the consumer is engaging and this is taking the entire nation by storm. This does not  only involve US or UK or other european countries but it has involved the entire world economy and hence these Ecommerce sites have achieved a new meaning every passing day.

Every time during the fourth quarter technically all the festivals like Diwali, thanksgiving, Hanukkah, christmas are lined up and so with these gift giving festivals the servers of the ecommerce sites are literally down during the peak season, hinting the sites to plan some pre season deals so that the influx gets evenly spreaded.

The observation which I believe many consumers like me have seen is that the pre black friday deals in some stores like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph lauren , kate spade, and so on are better than actual day. This is with the sole objective of the distribution of the crowd. The stores now open much earlier and close later starting late evening and being continued till late afternoon the following day.

The new thing is that the doorbusters are available online and in stores as well and the ultimate consumer thinks as to why go through the entire hassle of standing in line for long hours ; preference is to sit in the comfort of the house and complete the entire process within a few minutes and get it delivered to your door step. As it is rightly said money saved is money earned and here technically time is money.

The winding of the black friday gives way to the cyber monday wherein the entire focus is on the online deals to give a indirect competition to the E Commerce sites and to remain in active competition. Amazon  after starting as a book dealer or to be more precise as a second hand book dealer has jumped as the most fast paced  company with an annual revenue of US $ 135.98 bn during 2016 and estimating to much more during the closing of 2017.If you speak of acquisitions then there are many starting with

  1. Whole foods; the most dynamic acquisition trying to touch every aspect of daily life and the most boldest till date.
  2. Zappos
  3. Kiva systems
  4. Elemental technology
  5. Lovefilms
  6. Quidsi
  7. Audible

The list has some more names but since the importance gets demeaned and so is the mention and hence a few important ones heading the list is the surprisingly whole foods whose restructuring is underway so as to make the chain of stores more economic for the ultimate consumer and bringing the ORGANIC FOOD into houses of more and more consumers.

Amazon being a leader in the e commerce sector it has made its presence felt in every country. In India Google started the  GREAT INDIA SHOPPING FESTIVAL in 2012 and it became a great success with nearly 8 million visitors in 2014 which was nearly increase of user engagement of 700 percent the attempt being so successful that Google launched a similar festival in Singapore.

Online retailer Alibaba launched an intensive 24 hour shopping portal in the year 2009 which clicked overnight and has touched $9.3 billion as compared to$ 5.75 billion when it was launched.

The reason for online portals to be more successful is that the wide array of things and more over easy availability that has made all these online shopping more fun loving and an satisfying experience.

The logic of the e commerce sites lies in the fact that it is away from the geographic barriers which makes it feasible for all the shopping booms so to stay across the world.The main concern is to encash on all occasions making it a boom for the ecommerce sites and taking it to new heights.The festivities wherein the sites are concentrating are :

  1. Valentine’s day
  2. Black friday and cyber monday
  3. Diwali
  4. Chinese new year
  5. Japan’s summer bonus season

If you see it has presence at all the time all through the year and this is indeed a very satisfying situation for the sites as they are hardly off season.They keep on changing the products as per the season so that offseason things come on clearance and they can expect a separate clientele there also.

The underlying fact remains that these E Commerce sites have come a big way and these are evolving themselves with each passing day


As per the National retail federation the ecommerce sites are going to grow by an annual 8-12 percent amassing a turnover $ 423- $443 billion dollars .Basking high on success with the seamless branding, efficient automation, and  stellar customer service we can expect all good things in the coming times.To become more successful all it needed is

  1. Brand building
  2. Save time and money with automation
  3. Step up the customer service
  4. Be a returns hero

To be a successful player in the ecommerce business you need to experiment every now and then and have excellent customer service which will not only give you revenue growth but will give fulfilled and happy customers.


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