The official hosting company for wordpress started back in 1996 and has come a long way carving a niche for itself and proving a leader to a great extend.With Bluehost you do not have not to worry about slowdown even if it case of excessive traffic.Providing the 24/7 customer support  through phone, E-mail, live chat etc.The best part being that they are rated as no #1 web-hosting for small businesses.Through the review we will be putting the following areas to test

PERFORMANCE : How fast the website gets loaded with Bluehost. In this what basically matters is the speed and server response.

RELIABILITY : This is the most important assurance of having no downtime and of availability 24/7/365 days

CUSTOMER SUPPORT  : Having the customer support is the biggest assurance when you hire any hosting company.

FEATURES : The question here arises is that are the blue host offering enough features so as to build a reliable and competitive website.

COST EFFECTIVE :Is your website cost effective and are Bluehost offering such deals which gives you value for money.

Another important fact remains that Matt heaton started the Blue host and was CEO from 2006-2011 till the time EIG(Endurance International group) acquired it and after that Dan Handy operates as CEO since 2011.As a progression the policies and plans will differ and the company will operate on a different platform.

Bluehost generally specializes on shared hosting but off late it has diversified on several platforms like  vps, dedicated servers, managed wordpress hosting and so on.Blue host claims to have hosted over 2 million websites , taking the top slot in web hosting on the basis of total volume.


The servers of Bluehost are performing fairly fast though they are not as fast as other servers with the performance speed of  loading the entire test site <300ms but the speed at entry point is fairly good enough and much higher than expected.The total page load time and the initial server response time was fairly good enough for the shared hosting as well.

This means that Bluehost has taken great efforts in upgrading the servers which were at one time were pretty slow with lot of snag.This also means that Bluehost has overcome the problems associated with overcrowding and overloading the shared servers.

If you try running the site there is not much downtime which seems to be a positive thing, it means you can always consider to hire Bluehost for hosting your website on its hosting server.


As far as the reliability is considered as it has been already mentioned that it does not have a downtime of more than 2 minutes and at most if there is some technical snag can it be a bit longer.

The reliability also arises from the fact that it has a very easy to use  Cpanel which is considered user-friendly for the beginners.It again has very reliable and fast servers.

The reliability also arises from  the fact that it does not want its users to have a great technical know-how which is generally required for developing a website.


When  I  was first building up my website the biggest problem I  encountered was of  needing support at each and every step; thinking , pausing ,rethinking and then contacting the customer support. When they use to direct me to my Cpanel and would help me solving my problem in few minutes ; I use to be super excited.

Now you get an exact idea as to what customer support is not only for a newbie but even at later stages you need an excellent support system in form of customer support 24/7/365 days.

The support is exclusively through phone/email/live chat.Their customer support is otherwise great but at times when there are tech queries and site related issues the response is rather slow.

The waiting time is generally between 10 minutes to an hour and the first interface is through the recorded message……Sometimes it is indeed very frustrating then I prefer calling them after the peak traffic subsides.


When we speak of features we should remember that it should be exclusive of other competitors and should help in building of the website in a way which is user friendly and unique.Herein are the uniques features offered.


Hosting a website requires you to store files,databases and media.That’s when you need a certain amount of disk space.Smaller the website less amount is this feature.Now after hosting some files you have converted and made them into website you need bandwidth.Many hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth but limited traffic speed this generally affects the performance of your website.So these combo feature of bandwidth and traffic are offered together by Bluehost.


  • UPTIME :


Uptime is generally the time when your website has to be online so that the viewers can access them.If you do not have much work on your website you should go in for the shared hosting plan which does not offer 100 percent online time but still is a good support.If you do not go in for good hosts like Bluehost then you can get screwed with the uptime.


Many of the hosting companies offer multiple features which are not even required and they tend to create a technical jargon in the mind of the users and this needs to be properly balanced.You need such type of apps which are required to quickly create the website and manage it properly.

One of the most important of this is the control panel and if this is offered to you your job is half done. Many hosts offer cheap alternatives to them like the z-panel, webmin, virtualmin and so on.

Bluehost offers you a clearly defined c-panel which serves as helping hand in solving most of your complex features very easily and conveniently


This is the last but the most important of all  these which is the cost-effectiveness wherein you are offered value for money.

Blue host in all offers lots of options

    1. Basic plan : This comes at competitive price of 3.49$ month and is very good for the beginners who have nothing to lose with website space of 50 gb.


  • PLUS PLAN :This plan generally have lots of subscribers as it offers hosting of unlimited websites with unlimited  space and bandwidth.
  • PRO-PLAN :This generally comes with dedicated ip, SSL certificate and complimentary subscription for site-backup pro service.It further offers lots of other freebies.This plan is useful when your website crosses over from entry and the middle level.


Hosting plans are one of the cheapest as compared with the other competitors.

CONCLUSION : Bluehost is here to stay and in spite of rather not so excellent customer-support it still is one of the pioneers in website building and is improvising regularly and last but not the least offers really competitive rates  with wide options.


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