Best ways to promote your article on social media

Content is the king and promotion is its foundation.Optimizing the approach through the social media is the need of the hour and again to enhance the impact through a crispy and smart way is what is needed in today’s time.

Do you want a right approach in promoting your blog? If yes then  you  need to be systematic and consistent in your strategy and  most importantly be patient. Consistency and perseverance are two pillars required to have a concrete foundation for your blog.

Let’s go to the wonderful journey of finding the ways and means of being a leader in blogging and having loads of followers .


As the cover of a book attracts the attention of the reader so is the case with the Blog Headline.If the headline is catchy half the battle is won.You will not only attract the search engines to your website but the traffic will equally be having its presence felt

The use of numbers in the headline is another important requirement like “10 smart ways of promoting your blog on social media”  or to say “ 7 websites to help you find virtual assistant job.”

The use of numbers accompanied with Crisp headlines  surely point towards a approach which is more concrete and gives you a wider base.


As Neil Patel rightly pointed that the sure short way of getting more traffic is to have comprehensive and lengthy blogs.His articles normally range between 4000-8000 words which you can very well imagine the information it will carry and amount of  knowledge it will impart.

It is equally true that it is not so easy to write widely when you are a new blogger , still you can start with 1500-2000 words and moving forward you can think of  writing lengthy articles.

Basically the length of the article also has a direct relationship with the amount of the times your article gets shared meaning more the length of the article , more will be the chance of it getting shared. Further along with the length there is the need to focus on long-tailed keyword which attracts the search engines and bring more traffic to your site.

As you are blogging you are undertaking a dual task of imparting your research based opinion and along with it giving a sneak peek into your website to the readers and through it inviting the search engines to rate your blog.More the content more will be the feasibility of you being noticed and of having organic growth which will rank you higher in the ladder in the days to come.

You can see that the content length is varying between 2000-2450 words.

Starting with 750 words which is normally for the newspaper article you can surge ahead to 1000 words and so on but remember to restrict your length as too long could be boring and repetitive and will not serve your purpose.


It is very important to have a right time to post your blogs. The readers are generally active between 12pm-3pm and then between 7pm-9pm.

Everything has a perfect time and it has a skyrocketing increase in the readers  with the correct timing. Always remember to be consistent in your timings as it will make your readers wait for your articles at a particular time.

One of my friend who is a Youtuber generally Vlogs her videos at 11 am everyday and she is really very consistent which has helped her to increase her subscribers manyfold in a very short time . This generally reflects the dedication and has a positive impact on the mind of the followers.


As you all know Content is king and so the prior most importance should be attached to the content.Now if we are dealing with the social media it becomes extremely important to be VISUALLY APPEALING. Instagram and snapchat are purely visual and if you want the social media to promote your blog you need to be equally enthralling visually so as to grab the attention of your readers and social media.

While developing your culinary skills they say the dish should be firstly appealing to your eyes and then comes the taste . The same applies to your blog writing. All your articles should be visually appealing supported by appropriate images which enhance the meaning of your article.

Most of the people skip the caption content but you have a better chance of being noticed if you are visually appealing and hence of being clicked as well .


There are lots of bloggers who are more successful in your field , and the smartest way is to write as guest in their blog and get noticed on a more wider platform.The traffic which reads your article on the as guest blogger will surely come to your blog if he is interested with your write-ups.

Guest blogging helps you in several ways namely;

  1. It increases traffic to your blogs.
  2. It boosts up your popularity.
  3. You can build backlinks to your blog.

Guest blogging will help you to expeditiously build up your email list as well

Try finding out the leaders in your field so that you can guest blog with all the above mentioned tips.

Spending quality time in finding information for your guest blog is very important. You cannot attract traffic unless and until you write informative and eye catching blogs and for this you have to keep tab of other fellow bloggers so as to have uniqueness in your writing.

The need is to have a unique idea and then approaching the blogger to write. You should have a distinct clarity in your ideas so that it gets readily approved and in return you earn the benefits of guest blogging.


There are various forums which help you to promote your blogs. These forums are a very instrumental in giving you a wider base of readers so as to increase traffic on your blog.there are various such reliable forums such as

  1. Blog forum
  2. Retweet
  3. Warrior forum
  4. Blokube
  5. knigged

You just need to enter your personal details along without a sneek peek into the articles providing a link to your blog so that the readers can further visit your blogs.

Participate in discussions with the readers, ask their opinion and try connecting with them.


The organic way of growing your followers is by introducing your new friends to your blog. Whenever you make new friends on the facebook or instagram you need to share you link with them so that through that link they can land on your blog and eventually get added up as your followers.All these social media as very strong presence and you can get a wider base of followers.


There are various social  media platforms meant for various matters and you need to decide which one is to be selected at what time.It is a good idea to have account on various social media handles as facebook supports the textual content and instagram and snapchat gives boost to the visual matter.

Herein you need to spend time to know your audience and to eventually connect with them through various social media handles which will optimize your compatibility with your followers.



The content of the blog should have a very fine line divide of professionalism combined with conversational undercurrents.It is always advisable to involve your audiences in your blogging content making them a part of your conversation, asking them their views and so on.Along with it there should be a strong sense of professionalism as it is very necessary part of sustenance in the blogging fraternity.

The professional approach can turn out to be boring without the spice up of being sharp and witty in the comments and the writing part as well.


To be successful in the blogging world you need to be consistent in your writing skills.Along with this you need to maintain a discipline in the writing schedule ; to be precise you have to restrict your writing pattern in a way that if you are posting 1-2 article per week you need to stick to that schedule and to avoid the long gap as the readers will get use to it and they will keep on visiting your site for their intellectual satisfaction and if they do not find new stuff then you will have to forego your readers to some extend, Hence discipline and consistency is of paramount importance  for the promotion of your blog on social media



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