What is Anchor Text in SEO


Anchor text is the most important aspects of the backlink. As Google has changed his algorithm like penguin update, backlinking is vital to Google crawler finding all the pages on the website. 

Anchor Text:

Anchor text is a visible, clickable text and characters which hyperlinks display when linking to another document and page of the web. . It is often blue and  underlined text, but you change your website’s link colors and styles through your HTML or CSS. For example, this link to the gentle dummies home page

Anchor text provides contextual information about the link destination to the search engines as well as users.

Code Sample:

<a href= ”http://www.gentledummies.com”> Digital Marketing Blog</a>

Types of anchor text

Exact-match: An exact match anchor text has the same keyword highlighted as the targeted keyword. or example: ‘How to do SEO’ linking to a page about how to do SEO.

Partial-match: use modification of the keyword as anchor text on the linked-to page. For example: ‘link building strategies’ linking to a page about link building.

Branded: A brand name used as anchor text. For example: ‘Gentle dummies’ linking to an article on the Gentle Dummies.

Generic: Using generic word or phrase  as anchor text. “Click here” is a common generic anchor.

Naked link: A URL that is used as an anchor ‘www.gentledummies.com‘ is a naked link anchor.

Images: In linked image, Google use the text contained in the image’s alt attribute as the anchor text.

How anchor text helps in improving blog ranking

There are many SEO-related advantages of using anchor text, I have mentioned some of the important in the article.

As  keyword research and on-page optimization are important activity to every website, linking to pages to other pages and articles using anchor text is also a very good practice to improve search engine ranking.  

Benefits of Anchor text for readers:

From the reader’s’ perspective the benefits of anchor text is .  First, they will be given more related links of their interest to visit, (and your bounce rate will go down).

Second, Anchor text also helps to improve the average time a reader spends on the site and also increase page views.

How it helps in improving Search engine ranking (SEO benefits):

By optimizing backlinks with anchor text help search engine bots to better understand the content of the site. I have seen significant improvement in gentle dummies post’s search engine ranking.

SEO best practices

SEO-friendly anchor text is:

  • Succinct
  • Relevant to the linked-to page
  • Low keyword density (not overly keyword-heavy)
  • Not generic

You can’t have control over the anchor text that other sites use to link back to your own website. But, these best practices you can apply within your own website.

Succinct anchor text

Keep your anchor link text as succinct as possible and take two main factors into consideration:

  • What is the most accurate way to describe the linked-to page?
  • What word or phrase would encourage your users to click on a link?

Target page relevance

As search engines have matured. As links that point to content related to the topic of the source page are likely to send stronger relevance signals than links pointing to unrelated content. Link relevancy is determined by:

  • The topic of the source page.
  • The Anchor text content on that source page

Anchor text keyword density

With the Penguin algorithm update, Google began to look more closely at keywords in anchor text. If Google finds too many of exact same anchor text pointed to a site’s inbound links, it can start to appear suspicious and may be a counted that the links weren’t acquired naturally. it’s still a best practice to obtain and use keyword related anchor text.


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