7 websites to buy cheap domain names


Turning the IP address into a proper name like Beautifulhomes.in  is the magic of domain names.Getting a proper domain name gives a proper address to your website.

We can generally land up in problems if we do not follow certain guidelines.


# Buy it for more than a year.

#DO not mismatch the domain name for the business you are doing.

#DO not conflict the domain names with the registered trademarks.

#Domain name decision should not be taken too lightly.

#Focus on the keyword research to find the valuable terms before planning your SEO.

#Destructive domain names is definitely a bad choice.

#Difficult domain names again is not a very good option.

#Double meaning domain names should not be used.

# The use of suitable extensions should taken be care of.

Here are some of the websites which offer cheap domain names.


A pretty user friendly website to get quick and cheap domain names.It has been into a lot of controversies and overcoming that it has sprung back into the mainstream business rekindles the hope in the efficiency of GoDaddy.

The .com websites are practically pretty cheap.The registration process is just very easy to follow, further the server has high frequency and the web page loading is quick and efficient.Arizona based company started 20 years ago has a wide customer base.You can buy domain names for as low as 1.99$ /YEAR


This website again offers a definitely cost effective version of the domain name.The cost starts from 2.99$- 9.99$ a year which is actually a pretty reasonable and varied price range.The after sale customer support is also good enough.It accepts all the major credit cards which again is a boon herein you can make payments through paypal as well.The .mobi domains start at 2.99$ and the more premium once like .com or .in start at 9.99$/year.So quite a varied option to choose from.


With an established place in the entire fraternity Namecheap comes as a very feasible option to buy cheap domain names.Let alone the hosting part even if you just buy domain name they have achieved an equal efficiency as far both hosting and buying domain names are concerned.So you generally have a win-win situation in both the cases.

A UK based venture we generally get a wide platform as they accept all the major cards like Bitcoin,Mastercard,American express and paypal as well.

The yearly registration starts as low as 4.99$ apart from this we have a solid customer base,custom made domain parking,free domain transfers,free Email and URL FORWARDING and many more freebies.

Surely a must try.


Starting on a very high level Bluehost has come a big way in slashing its prices to be a frontrunner, a good strategy indeed.

The features of having a bluehost  for domain names is that since their expertise is in hosting so if you buy a domain name from them the entire package could be quite lucrative for you with lot of freebies and a wide range of services right from 24/7 customer support, to a lot of hosting support, with the same  username and  password for both domain registration and hosting

The rates start at 11.99$  which is still higher as per the industry standards but still taking into consideration the other benefits we can always give a try. The domain names are divided into various categories like Top level domain,Country code top level , New generic top level domain names and so on.

This shows the specialization in domain registrations.

1 & 1

The name seems to be pretty catchy and pricing as well as the seems to be equally alluring starting at 4.99$ /year. When you go through their website it seems to be a pretty choc a block as it offers a lots of features

# one email account with 2gb email space and unlimited email forwarding

#24/7 customer support

# unlimited domain space to manage your subdomains.

#free SSL certification with every domain name registration.

# unlimited domain names with special emphasis on new domain extensions like.nyc,.club, etc

#special offers for 1&1 customers

The entire package with pricing and features seems to be pretty exciting; definitely a go and try types.


As the name suggests Bigrock is one of the leading providers of a wide spectrum of domain services.It provides a wide array of services so as to help individuals,professionals,and small businesses to grow. Their core competencies include website hosting, domain name registration,vps hosting,business class email hosting,ecommerce solutions,website builder products and many other things to boost the business.

Apart from these there are a lots of value adds such as DNS management,WHOIS,premium domain scales and so on.

It is top rated in India and elsewhere wherever it offers services.The services are transparent with no hidden costs.BIGROCK does everything to optimize your website’s performance.The 24/7 customer support and live chat to offer technical guidance is also there.

.COM domain names begin as low as 0.99$  with special offers during black friday and other sales days. Go forward and give it a try.


IPAGE they say or claim to be one of the cheapest websites on the planet, it actually fascinated me when I first went to their  website with a claim of most affordable hosting services.If somebody says that it is at less than 2$ a month then naturally it gives a tremendous hope to those people who cannot go to fancy websites to create a low budget website.

If you get a free domain name with 1 year of web hosting then that comes as a total value addition.

The features include :

# 1gb free cloud space

# File manager protocol (FTP)

# Free marketing services.

# 24/7 customer support.

# webmails which are important when you have website.

It seems to be perfect for novice people who are first timers constructing a website with an all rounded customer support.


Pick and choose the one which suits your requirements with all the basic elements of cost effectiveness, customer support and the added features which the website offers. Always be careful to have a different site to buy the domain name and a different site for hosting.This is generally from the security point of view necessary so that nobody hacks your account.


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