Launching a new blog is such an exciting phase and it is  a phase which is filled with responsibility to launch the blog successfully and after a successful launch to establish it. Launching is not that tough but to attract the traffic and that also in systematic way or to be precise in a organic way is what we want.

Organic growth takes time but is there to stay  for a long time to come and hence meticulous planning and direction oriented efforts are required.

Right from planning to implementing one has to be extremely meticulous.This implies to the designing of the blog to the actual reaching of the audience one has to plan a number of things. This requires an eye for detail.

Not wanting to sound pessimistic in my statement it isn’t easy to attract and appeal the audiences at large.


First impression is the last impression and this holds truly for an impressive blog design. Even before the readers read a word of the content , they first notice the layout and the designing of the blog.

The visual appeal hence needs to be one which compels the visitor to read the blog.

As the book is judged from the cover and so is the design of the blog and blog graphics. Appealing graphics has more acceptance and more people come forward to read and then share the posts.


Most of the traffic in the websites and specifically in blogs come through search engines like google, yahoo, bing and so on. For this the proper keywords have to be selected as you have to focus on  increasing your search engine rankings.

You need to buy some tools which tell you which keywords to target.KEYWORD DENSITY is what you need to focus on and for this even if you have to change or redesign your contents you should go for it.

Further you need to submit your  page URL to the search engines. Another important content apart from keywords is number of links from trusted sources.

Hence keyword research planning and submission to the search engines go hand in hand as they both contribute to the increasing of traffic and organic growth in general.


After the designing of the website the need is of installing the google analytics.It is a free tracking software that let  you monitor how people use your website and how they find the website.

Not only the keyword research but also google analytics is great tool for spotting the opportunities for optimizing your website.

Installing of google analytics is very easy .Once you have signed up for google analytics you need to paste your unique code onto your website.

After installing the google analytics it is time to submit your website to google search console.It gives you access to valuable data about how your website performs in organic searches, right from which keywords are basically used to total keyword impressions and other valuable metrics.


Target audience helps you in evangelizing to great extend the mission for which you are working at. Always remember that a particular style of writing and a specific content style is more better on web, like infographics, beautiful videos, and remarkable collection of facts are all meant for the target audience.

Always focus your efforts towards your target audience.If your blogspot is specifically for youngsters then do not waste your efforts at 65+ group.Target your focus at social media communities which are famous amongst youngsters.

You need to be a good web citizen and you will be rewarded with traffic , trust and fans.


Tracing your CONTENT DISTRIBUTORS is necessary as these are the persons which will help to spread the word about your blog and will make your blog famous.

Twitter has 400 million active users, Facebook over 1 billion, and google has 350+ million users.Imagine the amount of exposure you can get even if some percent of them help in spreading the word.

Start interacting with the community ,use hash tags and start following those people whom you find have great social networks.

I remember a dear friend of mine is a great painter and she tweeted a MANISH MALHOTRA  dress worn by Deepika padukone in a award function, to her surprise the next very day her tweet was re tweeted by nobody else then Manish Malhotra himself.Now imagine how much exposure my friend would have got by that retweet.

So we need to totally use our cross connections for a quicker response.


Websites are meant to be ever changing,  Everyone appreciates a reference in form of links ; whether it is reader, blogger, or even a vlogger who gives a reference in form of link in the description box . Links are a new way of making yourself again and again visible by giving the reference of your own material in your new blog article; how cool does it sound. The search engines appreciate these efforts and then help you in reaching to a top slot.

Make yourself known in the blogger community and let them spread a word about you. If you have to make your blog popular you have to establish your cross links with bloggers, vloggers  and other social media partners.

Recently I saw Lilly singh’s new book BAWSE being discussed on so many social podiums. Look at the publicity it may have earned.So do not underestimate the strength of social network.


All said and done we cannot ignore the fact that with a weak contented blog your cannot go too far and hence you have to really concentrate on the quality of the content because that is what will take you on a broader platform.

Concrete content help you to proceed on a fast track and take you to higher and higher levels of being a successful blogger and growing in a organic way through the search engines.

Be original in what you write, speak out your mind, stick to your style of writing, respect other fellow bloggers, and that is it.

Wishing you all the very best for your blogging . Happy Blogging !!!!


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