WordPress site as you all know is extremely well explained and coded thing and if you mess with it you are surely going to land up in a big coup in name of optimization.

As far as optimization is concerned you cannot pick and choose any type of plugins in the name of speed and efficiency. You need to be extremely cautious and take care of various loop-holes and do a right combination of things so as to get hold of plug-ins which actually speed-up your wordpress site.

As you work on wordpress site specifically optimization you have to do away with low quality stuff and take into consideration some high quality plug-ins,Keeping the facts appropriate it is an excellent CONTENT MANAGEMENT SERVICE(CMS) used by millions

of business owners across the globe and hence has to be carefully planned and executed.If you take into consideration that 400 million websites being powered by wordpress you may be alarmed;100 million of them being in US alone.So this means it has to be properly executed so as to achieve an edge over.

Speed and optimization go hand in hand and why speed is needed and optimization is required has to be properly coordinated for maximum CONVERSION RATE.

According to studies between 2000-2016 the average attention of the visitor as fallen down from 12 to 7 seconds.If you have to retain the visitor your site should quickly open and exhibit the content. If your site takes a lot of time to open then before it opens the visitor would have actually left the site.

According to the strangeloop case study ; 1second delay in opening of the site will result in 7% loss in the conversions, 11 % fewer page views,and an alarming 16%drop in customer satisfaction.Over and above this study was conducted on big consumer sites like amazon, .

Ebay and so on.Summing up the story short if you want your website to have more visitors and an higher conversion rate then you have to be fast.

For having to test the speed of the website it is necessary to use a tool like pingdom.Different users visiting your website may have different feeling and even the users sitting at various geographic locations may have a different experience altogether and hence it is recommended to use PINGDOM so as to get an universal experience.

Wondering as to what a good speed should be ……it is be the page loading of not more than 2 seconds.

Without much going into the technical jargon as to what slow downs the website let us see the logistic side and find out the true reasons which contribute to the slowing down of the websites.


INSTALLING OF CACHING WORDPRESS PLUGINS: The wordpress pages are built -up on fly and hence it is necessary that whenever any visitor visits it; further it takes a lot of time to rebuilt the page required and this saves a lot of time.

Hence there is a sincere recommendation to use a cached plug-in which will make your website 3-5 times faster.

The theory behind the cached website is that it makes a copy of the page after  the first load and then what you can do is that to use it for subsequent users instead of the same version.

In a general format when any user visits your site which is built around PHP, the server retrieves the information from mySQL, database and PHP files and compile them into the HTML format and then give it over to the user.With the proper plugins like Wp super cache plugins you can save all this hassle and you can very quickly go into the copied version and hand it over to the consumer.This in turn saves a lot of time.


You should have a good wordpress host as good hosts like hostgator or Bluehost can actually optimize the performance of the site.

If you have a good wordpress host even if it is shared hosting you will actually get more than required.

If you are using the managed wordpress hosting it gives you the optimization to a limit wherein everything is well coordinated.It gives you automatic back-ups, automatic updates and automatic security configurations.


 Images lend a wider customer base as it helps you  get better numbers as more and more people visit your site. Coloured visuals attract 80% more people to your site and hence the importance of image optimization.

When you are a beginner the problem of non optimized image is prevalent on your site and hence it becomes necessary that optimization is taken care of by a expert in initial stage.

At the beginning , we can use two image formats JPEG and PNG.

When you  are using PNG  the images are in the  uncompressed and if you are using compressed form it loses lots of information and  hence it has to be meticulously planned.With this larger file takes longer time to load.

JPEG , on other hand is compressed file format which reduces the image but in significantly smaller in size.

  1. For different colors and font we need to use JPEG as it has the technique to handle all the diversity
  2. For a simpler and transparent image we can go in for the PNG.

Normally the wordpress sites are working on JPEG which generally helps it better outlook.



It is very necessary to speed up the network and for this it is required to have CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK (CDN)  can help to speed up loading times for all your visitors.

CDN consists of network with servers  all over the world so even if you have launched your website in US and any visitors is trying to open it in Singapore will have the same access time.

CDN normally has a collection of static files which does not undergo any changes  like the images, javascript, CSS and so on unlike the dynamic pages of wordpress which keep on changing.l

Whenever any visitor visits your site he is be given access of the static pages which are close to the server and hence the access time becomes the same.


There are the free themes as well as premium themes but not all themes have been geared up to match the speedy performance of the website and hence it becomes extremely important to choose such themes which give you optimization as far as the speed is concerned.

There are several of the themes specifically premium themes which has been programmed to match the speed like array, studiopress, themify and so on.

It is very important to take into consideration the smooth transition from one theme to another without compromising on the speed.


When you are using wordpress database for a long time you tend to collect lot of unnecessary information that needs to be cleared from time to time so that there is no lag in the information retrieval  and with the help of Wp- sweep plug in the cleaning of information becomes really easy.

The Wp-sweep plugin helps you to clear trashed posts, revisions, unused tags and so on.

With the unnecessary information cleared you are there left with only the necessary data and your speed will be definitely be on a higher pace and the tasks will be expeditiously executed.


Plugins are for our convenience and the judicious usage of the plugins help you to have a very user friendly type of the website, but do away with badly behaved plugins. The addition of large number of plugins would not affect the speed of your website but will definitely lower the image of the website if the plugins are three or less stars as it stands for a poorly researched plugins.

Apart from a slow down in the performance a bad quality plugin even affects the performance of other good plugins.After choosing the plugins it is very necessary that you update the plugins from time to time regarding the performance , security aspects and so on.


There are so many other ways and means to optimize the performance like the optimization of database performing regular wordpress maintenance,using performance plug ins and so on; we just have to mix and match and see what has to be added and deleted subsequently.There are certain service providers like the siteground which helps you to test the ultimate power performance technique and arrive at the best level. The optimization strategy is different for every website ; try and test and arrive at the best consensus.


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