5 tools to check domain age


Domain age is a very important factor, which people overlook when starting their business or blog. Domain age as the name suggest tells you the age of the domain. This helps establish credibility among the users and search engines.  The factors which affect the domain age include, the time for which the website is registered and the age of the website. Domain age helps the search engine distinguish between pop up sites which are only active for a day or two and websites which are genuine.

The tools mentioned here help you establish the history and age of the domain.  An older more reliable and credible domain name would translate into higher Google rank. If you are trying to figure out domain names read our other article on how to choose the best domain names.


Here are 5 go to tools to check domain age.

Search Engine Genie

Want to check the domain age of multiple sites, this genie help you accomplish that. It would give you domain age and other related information for up to 10 domains at once.


Bulk SEO tools

If you want a “do it all” tool, just go to the windows app and download. Not only does it allows you to check domain age but has a host of other features such as page rank and alexa.


Small Seo Tools

This tools works much like alexa ranks, just enter your url and bam. All the information is displayed in no time. This tool is reliable and friendly to use. Also if you search domain age tools in Google. It’s one of the top results.


Website SEO checker

Now this one we personally like, its free , is one of the top results in Google like small seo tools and also has a host of feature which are free. Do you need Alexa rank, Bulk Dmoz listing, domain age checker, page authority checker and much more? Go for this free tool it would not let you down.



If you want to check your domain age and compare it with two of your competitors just enter their urls, enter the captcha then click submit. Now you know a lot more about how you stack up against your competition.  You are also given the option of integrating this tool to your website.

Domain Age Tool

If you intend for your business to be taken seriously, check the domain age of your business. Also register it for a long duration to show your intent of sticking around. In the near future the question of reliable websites is going to be taken more and more seriously, so start working on it now. Good luck!!!


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