5 best instagram app to improve your visual content


Hi gentle dummies, are you by any chance new to Instagram, or you have an active instagram account with lots of followers and want to do the same for your business account on insta!!! You may already know, Instragram is a visually driven social media platform. Having the right pictures or small video can make all the difference between whether or not people like your post or follow you.

This is very much the same with the business account on Instagram as well. You have to constantly be updating your pictures, gifs or videos. You have to make sure they are visually appealing and are the next level kinda stuff.

In this article, we would like to share with you 5 apps that would help to glorify, beautify and improfy(we know that’s a made up word) all your visual content. So without further ado and an imaginary drum roll here they are.


A free app for both android and ios devices. Boomerang is the tool which allows you to create fun and attractive video. These videos are created with the help of  10 photographs clicked simultaneously. The images are then looped and you have an awesome 10 second video.

Do remember to keep it light and fun with this one. Also this tool would be awesome the next time an ice bucket challenge comes along. Its going to be super funny and for a great cause.

Microsoft selfie

Another app free for both ios and android devices. By the very credible minds at Microsoft. This selfie tool is amazing and has a ton of features.  Using artificial intelligence, this app is able to do everything on its own that you would have to  do manually. It has features such as noise reduction, auto exposure and automatically adjusts the contrast to give you quality visual content.

Hootsuite enhance

Now this is an ios only app so if you are an iphone user you are in luck, this is simply one of the best apps out there for this sort of stuff.  It allows the user to source images from elsewhere which is a great feature to have along with a host of usual features such as crop, edit and sharing.

By the way if you wish to source some visual content,  here are a few places you might want to look at click here.


Not all of us are blessed with the talent to see through the lens, we mean that most of us aren’t professional photographers. But with snapseed you could easily pass of as one. This has features that take care of tilt shifts and the dreaded red eye along with straightening and effects that you can add to your images.  By the way it is available for both android and ios devices.

Slow shutter cam

Like many of the other apps here, this one is also available on all iphones and select android phone with a suitable camera. We all have tried to capture the images of motions like the professionals. You know the ones, where the movement of the city is just a wave of lights moving about, yes those ones. There is something extremely comforting about such images, the hustle bustle and motion in a backdrop calm stillness, poetic isn’t it? Well!! now you too can master such images. Just download slow shutter cam.

Visual content as mentioned before matters a lot in Instagram, not only does it help you to gain new followers but also greatly increases the reach of your images and videos. That is why it is crucial to understand your audience and quickly identify their likes and dislikes. For the same purpose you would need to try a bunch of things. So click here to learn how to make your own gifs and try something new.


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