Facebook advertisement has occupied a niche for itself specially for the local business owners and going by the estimates you have nearly 3 million users  availing the facebook services with 20% of 70 billion spent on the mobile advertising worldwide. How cool !!!

With such a wide presence it becomes extremely necessary to analyze elements which make the facebook ads so successful.There are so many successful stories that it becomes a topic of discussion.

There are various stages so as to reach the target audience and these stages are well integrated within the elements of facebook ads .When we are discussing the stages of sales funnel so can we on the same platform discuss the elements of facebook ads.

There are 3 stages as well wherein you can attract the customers and create leads which eventually generate more sale.

  1. Aesthetics stage wherein the interest is kindled or generated.
  2. Consideration stage wherein you are contemplating the yes or no.
  3. Decision stage wherein the final decision is taken.

Now the question of creating appropriate ad comes to mind and the answer to that is the A/B facebook tests. Unless you are expert in your dealings and you have created N number of ads for your campaign you are not sure of the exact style and you can face a lot of problem and for this it is necessary to follow the format of A/B testing and test multiple ads with multiple target audience and achieve the right balance.



This is the most important element and needs to be kept in mind while shaping your campaign.About 1 billion people log into facebook every month and however apt your ad may be it will not appeal everyone and hence you need to have a DELAYED BUYER PERSONAS to attract the right type of audience and to eventually restrict your budget.

Thankfully facebook gives you an analytical approach which helps you to get an insight into the various factors like age, gender, income, demographic variations and so on.So when you are launching your ad campaign you are generally more focussed and the campaign gets a local dialect with the concentrated audience you actually have a more sophisticated approach to the target audience.Further you create an Elevated approach by creating a SPECIAL NICHE for your product as compared to the competitor’s product.


Conveying of your message in ads should be through proper text . Facebook has specified that the text should be within proper limits.The message should be generally short and sweet and should be minimum 10 words to convey your point properly.

Facebook has specified the 20% rule in the rules so as to restrict the space . Now they have become a bit flexible but still if you do not follow the limits the facebook is less likely to promote your ads.

Text should generally have the credibility element as if they do not have that credibility and the ads are misleading then you will not be able to get a proper consumer base. You can surely use the emotional side of the consumer psychology but you cannot exploit it beyond limits.Trust and credibility should be fundamental.


As the text holds importance so are the pictures in the ads.You should generally use pop-up pictures which immediately attract the attention of the reader and make him go through the entire ad.Right type of the ad will not only grab the attention but it will even help you to earn the leads.Images should definitely stand out but they cannot be too loud  and misleading. There should be proper filters added so as to get the right effect.

Along with this the color coordination has to be kept in mind.The color should suit the psychology of the product that you are about to promote. With a soft toned product you should have a undertone color, while for a peppy youthful product you can always go in for a bright cheerful shade.


For any ad to be successful you should  touch the psychology of the consumer. Go by the rules and be catchy in your text and pictures. Never go overboard and be subdued in what you proclaim. This will help you go a long way in getting leads and touching new heights.


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