Marketers swear by twitter which help in increasing business by 35-40% and the reach is long lasting. Going by the strength of the twitter it not only solidifies your business connections, it helps in creating leads, and last but not the least generate an exponential increase in sales.

Having twitter account and not having followers is an serious issue. Twitter account holds value if it has a large amount of followers.Herein we are going with this particular topic and let us ponder and get an insight.

  • Twitter is all about follow and followers, the more people you follow and the more followers you get.It is all well balanced.
  • Tweeting and retweeting are two basic ways of getting into your circle new followers with similar interest.Those followers will automatically join through the common platform.
  • There should be a regular interval of time for tweeting and retweeting you can generally adopt any tool like sprout social or Hootsuite which can help you with it.
  • More the use of Hashtags and More are the followers.This simple technique helps you with getting more traffic.You can get new followers through the use of proper keywords.
  • Tweet carries weightage if it is supported with proper matter and well balanced keywords so that it is searched easily.
  • You should ask your subscribers for Retweets as this leads to not less than 4x increase in your subscriber base.
  • More complete your tweet is more are the followers meaning that apart from concrete  content it should be supported with proper images.This theory gives you a big jump in follower base.Further your point gets more properly explained.
  • In your tweets mention the name of people. Refer them by their specific names @ Name and this gives them necessary importance and association becomes more long lasting and further increases the followers
  • Motivational quotes and sayings inspire the readers and this leads to more retweets.
  • Your site should be simply designed with an easy to use follow button.This leads to more and more followers and retweets. Simplicity is key to more followers.
  • Twitter chats are a great way of  linking with your followers just like Facebook live which helps in increasing your followers . Twitter chat  gives you a direct connect with your followers and helps in retweets.
  • They say you should avoid uninterested parties as it implies wasting your time.Igni twit helps you to see the people interested in your topic of interest and seeing whether they are following  you as well. This is the way in getting your disinterested set aside.
  • Organic increase in your followers is the best way of getting broaden your follower base and this can be executed through helping others and not being self centered. Not pushing forward your own issues but helping others with their problems as well will give you an organic increase in your followers.
  • So as to get a wider customer base it is necessary to tweet and retweet as as per Moz the life of a tweet is not more than 18 minutes and you can very well estimate that how many people will go through and therefore retweeting your own stuff is extremely necessary.
  • Linking and cross-linking is another best way to increase your followers.Link your twitter profile to other social links like facebook, instagram and so
  • Be in constant touch with your followers, give reply to their comments and remain connected . This will give them a sense of belongingness and will fasten your ties with your follower base.
  • Always tweet when the traffic is maximum.This will increase your subscriber base and along with that you will get quick response.
  • Engaging your followers by putting up certain queries will actually increase their involvement by answering back and retweeting their own reply with original content as well.



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