Blogging has become competitive and so is the eagerness of the readers who are in search of new content every now and then and hence to keep abreast with all such targets we should equip ourselves with such tools which are handy to use and make our blogs easily accessible to publish.The various stages at which you need such tools are

  1. Brainstorming stage when you are in the phase of conception.
  2. Writing , editing, grammar, spell check
  3. SEO, social media, promotion
  4. Publishing and planning the schedules
  5. And so on.

 Nowadays the blogging community is getting very aggressive and there is a particular percentage of about 23% which is the auto mode; writing not less than 4-6 articles a week which makes the targets set at a new level every passing day and hence there is the need of help in form of content marketing tools.According to an analysis, there are not less than 56% of the bloggers using CONTENT MARKETING tools at some stage or the other.These tools will keep you abreast with all the fellow bloggers without wasting your time proofreading or adjust the visuals, correcting grammatical errors and thereby saving your time in meeting the deadlines.

   Let us analyze some of them and see what suits us at what stage right from the conceptualization of the idea to the publishing of the article and the eventual involvement of the social media.


The name attracted me instantly the reason being there is so much buzz going around when you are writing, re-writing, editing, publishing and so on that so need such tool in form of CALMLY WRITER. The best part of this tool is that when you are writing on its interface all the distracting items just vanish so that you can concentrate on what you are writing. It gives you an ultra experience of focussing only on one item at a time. Like all other tools, it helps you to save on cloud and gives you an aesthetically responsive design.


If you have 2 sites and one has a catchy headline and the other has a mediocre headline then the one with catchy headline surges much ahead.After Calmly writer what attracted my attention was this CONTENT IDEATOR HEADLINE GENERATOR.

This again is very simple to use just put the word in the search bar and press submits and it will not only come up with titles but also with content.

The best part is that the title generated is quite appropriate.


Proceeding ahead from the headline comes a content marketing tool which is an amazing gift to the writer fraternity which tells the blogger who the prospective reader is and how to adapt your writing to the level of your reader.

It actually takes into consideration your google analytics account and social media account  and helps you to improve your writing based on the historical and engagement data.It provides the atomic score which further helps in adapting to your writing style; this is SO VERY COOL!!!


For confusing facts and keeping tap of things what actually attracts attention is EVERNOTE, it actually keeps tab of so many things for writers especially pictures, voice recordings, keeping record of entire web pages on cloud which you can access from any computer or mobile device.

You cannot be creative at all times and hence whenever any idea strikes what we do is note it down in the evernote and whenever we fall short of creativity just go to the evernote and what we get is our own collection of creative ideas.It is even great for recalling the high volume of ideas which you have stored.


It is basically a semantic personal assistant tool which helps you in giving whatever in formation is required especially if you do not have much knowledge on a particular subject you are pursuing and you want more awareness about it.

It helps in complementing you in and around your own blog and helps you in connecting to various other linked blog sites.

More than an normal tool it is basically a semantic assistant discovery tool which listens to your needs and brings back the information that is required.It basically helps blogger who are not high volume content writers by engaging the audience with informative pieces of  knowledge.


It is a very important tool for social content marketing. Socialmention takes into account the content according to your web search and analyzes the underlying sentiments.

It further takes the search to a new level of seeing that where the hashtags have been used and the commas have been implanted so as to see the further enquiry into the thought process.

It gives you the latest buzz about you , your product, your blog and so on. It does not require any type of virtual programming.It helps in analyzing the competitors, generating the leads and increasing the traffic in general.


Apart from the analyzing tools like socialmention, Zemanta, evernote and so on we need certain correcting tools like grammarly which helps in correcting the grammatical mistakes, finding the most appropriate synonym for the word double clicked and improvising the layout of your blog by avoiding terrible grammar  mistakes.

It not only strengthens the content of your blog by avoiding the grammatical slip up and suggesting of better articles,prepositions for the content of your blog.

When we are blogging we sometimes slip-up on correct sentence formation and here is where GRAMMARLY helps you as well.


If  writing matters so is the overall look of your page or blog matters and here is wherein Canva comes as an handy tool doing all the custom designing as it is considered an excellent tool for images and enhancing the overall look of your entire page.

As I am not a professional artist I actually use Canva for various images I need at certain occasions. The best part of using Canva is that you can choose a certain layout and then start working around it….HOW COOL !!!!

Empowering the world to design  holds true for Canva.


Considering the fact of content marketing what we come across is the excellent tool called the Mailchimp.As we all know E-newsletters are an important part of content marketing and to help you in that Mailchimp is very handy.

With E-newsletters what we need is the excellent maintenance of the database and if we cannot afford a website expert or a graphic designer we can use mailchimp for excellent maintenance of  our user-friendly database.

Actually it takes some time to evaluate the various options available price wise including the free option  making it an affordable thing for various budget.


Trello is just like digital post-it card wherein you are jotting down things , keeping a record of it and later on disposing it wherein the need is not there.

It is like a kanban board tool and sometimes it seems like a boring organizational tool but later you discover the flexibility and the diversified usage and you just can do anything you want to do with it.

Trello is not only simplified in usage it can be overtly powerful as well as it can be combined with zapier integrations making it superbly powerful as well.

Trello and Zapier have become indispensable tools. From copywriting to imagery to site design, we feed all projects through Trello and Zapier.”- John Adams, E-Commerce Manager at URBANARA


When you add live tweets to your blog it adds up the value.Value addition of tweets with extra coverage in form of live videos, photos, opinion polls and so on take your tweets to a totally different value.When the tweets are Embedded they become interactive with the customer, they can retweet, become favourite directly from the page.


Starting from efficient tools like Calmly writer, to the evergreen Content ideator headline generator, to Evernote which helps in jotting down our creative ideas, to having a personal assistant in form of Zemanta, and of course giving writing a new level of creativity in form of grammarly you have everything needed for content marketing. Going forward to support your articles Canva which gives a new level to your articles and supporting in form of appropriate images.Again there is Mailchimp and Trello helping in the publishing stage and last but not the least is Embedded Tweets which makes you more interactive with the followers and help them to be directly in touch by favourites, retweets and so on.

Explore the content marketing tools and be the leader in  blogging by being organized.



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