10 outstanding ways to increase your Facebook Page Likes


Facebook is one of the best social media site for marketing and branding, there are an estimated 40 million small companies using Facebook to promote their brand. You can create a Facebook page for your business, which will help you to connect with your customers,you can go viral, and for that you need user base on your Facebook fan page. Here i am sharing some astonishing tips to get more likes on your Facebook page.

Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes:

You can invite your Facebook friends to your Facebook page, Facebook will send them invitation notification when you will invite your friends.

Go to your page- Click on “More” Tab – Click on Invite Friends- “Search all Friends”.

You can also invite your Email contacts from the same “more” tab and you will see almost all the email service providers. You can also upload list of email ids. You can send invitation to 5000 contacts.

You should make more admins to invite more friends and email contacts. You can send invitation to 500 friends and email invitation to 5000 friends. If you make 10 admins, they can invite 5000 Facebook friends and 50,000 E-Mail Contacts.

To get more like on your Facebook Page embedded Facebook LikeBox Plugin to your Website.  Go to your wordpress dashboard, create text widget and paste the code from Facebook. Sidebar of your website is the good option to showcase likebox.

You can add a Pop-up plugin to notify your users to like your Facebook Page. You can install Facebook Page Promoter LikeBox  Free Plugin to add Pop-up.  

Pictures are more shareable than status. Shares latest news and affairs people like to reshare it. Major reason people unlike a brand page because their posts are uninteresting.  

Share your page on other social media accounts. A Simple “Like us on facebook” will work. You can also share your Facebook Page link on your wall once a week to increase audience.

You can held contest to increase your fans by offering them ebooks, free domain names and vouchers etc. Announce your contest everywhere, groups, profile, Page and blog etc.

On daily basis, we send many emails to our clients, partners, and friends. Try to add your Facebook Page Link in the signature of your email.

If you have a good budget you can choose the best option to increase your like.

Facebook provides you various options to target your fans. You can select one option, target your audience and run ads.


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