When we speak of organic traffic it actually always attracts my attention, reason being it is the one which is the most effective in long run and which eventually helps you in high conversion rate.Organic traffic will mostly be your future clients and hence you need to be really very organized about your prospective clients.

This seems to be a difficult task but it is not so.The correct application of SEO strategies will help you to actually make the task easier and you can get the traffic which is relevant and targeted but it is in digital marketing terminology ORGANIC as well.

This traffic not only leads to conversion but it is in longer run more consistent. The traffic which comes from Social media is more or less changing pattern or to say more VOLATILE as compared to the organic traffic.Now the question arise as to how to increase your organic traffic and to make it a regular feature.

The points mentioned below will take you through the entire gamut of the things and definitely will help you in figuring out ways and means where we as website owners lack in the effort of getting the organic traffic.

  1. Maintaining blog frequency
  2. The blogs should be SEO friendly
  3. Having concrete link building
  4. Adding share button to your blog posts
  5. Installing google analytics to track the traffic
  6. Content is king
  7. Using google adwords keyword planner
  8. Inviting the guest to do your posts
  9. Use good SEO plugins
  10. Use of fast loading themes.


Consistency is key to good blog writing and google as search engine loves those blogs which are regular.It is necessary to maintain regularity and this is appreciated so is the need of having a regular input. It is necessary so as to have a regular input at equivalent time intervals as the reader gets used to reading your blogs and if reader does not find your blog at the given time then there is a possibility of the disconnection which has to be avoided.

Even while watching my favourite you tube videos if I do not find them at specified time I tend to skip them in the coming time the reason being the detachment which seems to be detrimental to organic growth of traffic. We have to work in the direction of growth and not the break in traffic.


It is very difficult to cope up with the Google copious algorithm updates the requirements are so stringent that it has to be properly coordinated.To make your blog SEO friendly you need to optimize not only your website but even your blog posts so that your website becomes more visible to people through keyword making your brand, product, or service more prominent through the search engines like google.

Optimizing the use of keywords instead of keyword stuffing is all that is required.You should not use keywords in a manner that is unnatural, instead using 1-2 long tail keywords is all what is required.This will try and bring in right type of traffic which will result in conversions.

Search engines also look into the URL and hence the URL needs to be optimized in a way that it gives a clear picture as to what the blog is all about.

Another thing is that to be SEO friendly your website should be more Mobile friendly and Google actually prefers mobile friendly websites.With smart phones more and more people are using mobile to browse through and hence the need of mobile friendly as it will in long run affect your search engine rankings.

Optimization of meta description is required which additional information to the reader about the link.



The organic traffic can come into the blogs through a systematic and concrete link building process.If you intend read the content of your favorite author you have to religiously click the link and the author itself ensures that the link are placed at prominent places so as to help you at the right landing page.The need is to have links placed in such a prominent way that you have it clicked by default and get benefit of the same.

As you all know that word of mouth marketing is done through NOFOLLOW link which will not add an SEO boost but will surely add up to readers , followers, subscribers and in long run will result into leads.If you have suddenly a big flow of readers coming to your site naturally the search crawlers will sit back and notice the links through which they are passing.

Now if you are banking on NOFOLLOW links then by default if they are not contributing to the SEO built up you will be concentrating on the

  1. Design of the site
  2. Buy ins
  3. Pop ups
  4. Content
  5. Site layout and mapping.

This will in keeping occupied the top  layered people occupied when they are coming to your site further reducing the bounce rates and in long run improving the SEO results.


When you want the blog readers to share your content with their friends you need to add the social media sharing buttons to your all wordpress posts.They can share your posts on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+ without leaving your site. HOW COOL !!!!

You do not worry to add the share button on every wordpress posts as the need is to just add the suitable plugin and then share posts is taken care of.Again there is flexibility of adding the share button on the top instead of bottom.

This will as the title reflects add to your blog posts by sharing on various platforms.


As a new entrant to the digital marketing fraternity I was unaware of the power of google analytics; little did I know how it worked wonders for we the blog writers or website holders.Google analytics is a powerful and foolproof tool which paves the shortcomings by making you aware so that the future planning can be done in a judicious way.

Tracking of the traffic by maneuvering through the complete details of the number of active users, average session duration, average audience overview and so on ; with a further sneak peek into the bounce rate, page views and so on.

Some of the blogging platforms have a built in  analytics tool  like hubspot or a google analytics plugin . Regardless of any analytical tool you are using always remember that Google is and will always remain the granddaddy of search and if any website google is unable to search then that website is equal to being a non existent.


All analytical tool are on one side and content is on other side.You should be able to connect with your readers ; connectivity gives you a sense of responsibility. An increased obligation towards your readers takes place as you know that the readers are actually following your blogs and spending their precious time on your blog.Content becomes important as we are justifying a point of view through our writing.

   Whatever you are writing should be supported with proper research. Again here your original writing style becomes important; readers can judge that it is you or someone else on your behalf.

   Content should be self sufficient for any opinion you want to put forward. Be realistic and original in your writing style. It adds to the brand image you have created as a blog writer.



The google adwords keyword planner helps you to build a cushion in form of keyword lists and thus helps to launch the PPC campaign to a wonderful start.There is a free to use feature within the google adwords which helps you to generate keywords and further the bid estimations help you to build a marketing strategy which is very effective.The need is to understand the basics and then take the campaign to the next level.


When you speak about blogging one thing needs to be very clear that blogging is all about commenting, putting your opinion across and eventually connecting; which strengthens the fabric across blogosphere.When we invite a guest blogger either in role of friend, expert, newbie or a general writer who takes your blog as a platform to express ,it is a wonderful experience.

This will further bring in all other guest blogger followers to your site, the arena of the blog becomes more wider and this conversation base  complemented with SEO benefits leads to much wider positioning

Try it to get the feel !!!


There are so many of wonderful plugins which help generating the wider organic traffic to your website which leads to sure shot conversions.

  1. SEO by yoast
  2. All in one SEO pack
  3. Sharebar- Social media slider
  4. Tweet old post
  5. Facebook social plugin
  6. Post to twitter

All these plugins help you to generate a wider base of the subscribers in some way or the other and leads  to higher conversion rate.Try it to get the feel.


If the website takes a longer time to load it turns off the visitor. Any website to be successful has to load faster.The slow loading website is an indication of weak performance.Visitors may not be keen to visit the website again as their experience was not at all satisfying.

Fine tuning of wordpress site for speed

  1. Splitting long posts into pages
  2. Reducing external Http requests
  3. Reduce database calls
  4. Optimizing the wordpress Database
  5. Limit posts Revisions
  6. Disable hotlinking and leeching your content


Organic traffic leading to conversion and further wider customer base is the need of the hour in this competitive world. The traffic is generated in a organic way and hence is long lasting. Follow the above steps and you will see your website burgeoning to new heights.



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