10 Best Ways to Promote Your Youtube Videos


Back in 2005 something phenomenal happened, even though there were still some products like it out there. Still no one managed to capture the imagination of the people like YouTube. Fast forward to 2017 YouTube in an international phenomenon, even the biggest stars of Hollywood  such as Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson made his own YouTube channels along with many other businesses, TV shows and movie studios. Heck the popularity of a music video is now judged based on how many views it got in the first few days on YouTube.

This is due to the fact that the world acknowledges the power of YouTube. This has also given rise to the YouTube millionaires and celebrities. They are equally if not more popular than some of the names in Hollywood.

So the question is, if you have an excellent idea and have the creative ability to make an awesome video. How would promote it so that more and more people watch it? We don’t have all the secrets but here are some way to make sure your video gets the attention it deserves.

The title is very important

The first thing that you need to do to get more views is to use a very clear, effective and eye catching title. Most of your views might come from people searching for a topic in YouTube’s search bar. The title is how they would judge the relevance of your video.

Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images like the title of your video is how you make your first impression and it can very easily be your last. So put images which are relevant to the video topic as well as fun. Think Hollywood action movie poster and you will know what to do.


What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization.  What does it do? It helps your video be among the top search results. How do you do SEO?, Well that is a little more complicated as Google and YouTube use algorithms which are beyond the understanding of the everyday person.

So focus on putting key words in.

Use Effective Keywords

Now that you know keywords help you in your SEO. You might want to know what are they and how to use them?

Keywords are the words which are very essential to the topic of your video. For eg. If you want to teach people how to cook French fries just like the restaurant. The best keywords would be HOW TO , COOK and RESTAURANT. So you could have a title such as How to cook French fries restaurant style.


Blogging is a great way to reach out to people. More so for videos, it gives you the ability to do SEO for you video on Google. If people search for a topic on Google and land on your blog with a video, they are more likely to see the video. Because on your blog they are not distracted by videos on the side, they are just looking and viewing your content.

Use Social Media

Nothing has the more penetration is peoples personal life like social media. So share your video on face book and twitter, ask your friends to like and share your video. This would start a chain reaction and since these people are close to you they are more likely to share.

If you are an educational channel it might be a good idea to do paid promotions on YouTube and Facebook for your channel and page. If you do or cover current affairs or news of the entertainment industry twitter might be your new best friend, just don’t forget to use those trending hash tags

Call to actions

Call to action is asking your viewer to take some actions, this  might include liking , sharing, favourite the video or subscribing to your channel. Be creative with your call to actions put them right in the video.

Comment on videos

No don’t just comment on your own  videos. Be nice go to other videos with more views related to your area of expertise and add valuable comments. When people look at the level of your expertise they might want to know more about you and find your channel and videos.

Make Playlist

Yes playlist, make them don’t ask us how or why just put your videos in a playlist form. People might like to view other videos you have.

Honestly there are a million other ways to promote your videos online. These are just the few tried and tested ones that have stood the test of time. So just make videos and have fun with it, in the beginning things might seem like a drag but soon you would get the hang of it.

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