10 Best Tools To Jumpstart Your Instagram Marketing Efforts


Why Instagram is so Popular?

Because Pics and Vids are more exciting than words!

Instagram is one of the most influential social media platform

Getting followers on Instagram is not an easy task, but its not important to increase followers only

For branding you need active users and engagement.

There are many tools out there that helps you to promote your pictures and videos on Instagram easily.

Let’s get to it!

ScheduGram is one of the most popular InstaGram tool for all Social Media Managers.


Web Upload: You can crop, text, rotate, filter your images before you post and upload it on your instagram account through web.

Schedule Post: You can post your image immediately or you can schedule them for any time in future

Multiple Post: You can upload  multiple posts.

Multiple Accounts: Using one user Friendly web face interface you can manage multiple instagram account. Best solution for Social Media Agencies!

Multiple Users:  Multiple users can visit your ScheduGram account, post on instagram, and see who schedule what.  

It’s “Google Analytics for Instagram” as well as management Platform.


  • Measure daily gained and lost followers
  • Discover your followers location
  • Measure your post performance
  • Visualize Likes and Comments
  • Track your Hashtag performance
  • Handle multiple instagram account and switch from one to another
  • Other Features i.e content management, schedule post.

With Tagboard you can track hashtag related to your post on various social media platforms and Create Hashtag with Tag Board


  • Track hashtags related to your post on different Social Media Accounts
  • Also use this with Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

Another Social media tool to moniter your actions.


  • Follow new People
  • Unfollow those who does not follow you back
  • Copy another user’s followers

It makes easy to repost Picture and video on instagram on your Profile.


  • Share followers post on your profile

Identify, Organize and Manage your followers on Social Rank


  • You can easily find the demographics of your followers
  • You can also organize and filter your followers, once they are on SocialRank.
  • Create a custom list of your followers, export to twitter or to a CSV file.

Ink361, earlier known as Inkstagram, Available with some good features.


  • Create custom albums and share link with others
  • Monitor and compare competitors

With this tool, you can link your photos to the content.


  • You can sell products on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Get conversion Tracking report and clicks from Instagram bio link

It’s a simple solution to save your Instagram pictures and video to your local drive. 

Free Instagram Analytics tool with free hashtag Rankings.


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